Killed – Karvis Jabbar Gamble (Orlando, FL)



State investigators are working to sort out the second of two officer-involved shootings that happened in Orlando less than 24 hours apart.

Authorities said both shootings involved drug complaints in areas off Orange Blossom Trail. The first shooting happened Tuesday night and second happened five miles away on Wednesday night.

In Wednesday’s shooting, Karvis Jabbar Gamble, 19, was shot and Cordaryl Leonjermane Wilson, 25, was injured on Arlington Street and Orange Blossom Trail.

According to police, members of the drug enforcement team went to the home to investigate a drug-related complaint about 6:30 p.m.

“At the same time, while the door was open, a subject sitting inside the front room immediately reached for a handgun, pulled it up and started pointing it at the officers that were standing in the doorway,” said Sgt. Jim Young of the Orlando Police Department.

“He began to reach into his waistband. The officers felt threatened and an officer fired at him,” said Young.

The two shooting victims, 19-year-old Karvis Jabbar Gamble and 25-year-old Cordaryl Leonjermane Wilson, were taken to Orlando Regional Medical Center suffering from injuries that were first called non-life-threatening, police said. Officials announced Gamble died from his injuries, however.

Police said a total of five people were inside when officers knocked on the door at 1327 Arlington Street near Highway 50 and Orange Blossom Trail.


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