Killed – Jordan Hatcher (Grand Prairie, TX)

Jordan Hatcher1

The Grand Prairie and Arlington police say a felony theft suspect was shot and killed after he fled to the parking lot of a community college in Arlington.

A Grand Prairie officer shot 22-year-old Jordan Hatcher in the Tarrant County College Southeast Campus’ south parking lot on Thursday afternoon.

Police said Hatcher led officers on foot to the community college after a struggle at a Target store on the other side of state Highway 360 in Grand Prairie. Another suspect was arrested at the store.

Authorities said Hatcher physically fought with an officer and grabbed the officer’s stun gun. The officer feared for his life and shot Hatcher multiple times, police said.

Arlington police arrived at the parking lot just after the shooting. An Arlington police officer performed CPR on Hatcher, who died at the scene.

The man did not appear to be armed, police said.

Grand Prairie police responded to a felony theft call around 3:50 p.m. at the Target at Camp Wisdom Road and State Highway 360, police said. One of the suspects fled on foot and crossed city lines into Arlington, according to Arlington police spokesman Sgt. Christopher Cook.


One thought on “Killed – Jordan Hatcher (Grand Prairie, TX)


    Please tell me when an unarmed young man came out of the woods how was the officer fearing for his life ?He was shirtless and UNARMED !!!!


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