Killed – Rosaria Andraka (Parsippany, NJ)

Rosario Andraka2

On Tuesday, Jan. 29, a Parsippany police car sat outside, guarding the house at 2 Medford Dr. Caution tape wrapped around the front yard and the dining room light was still on inside, but no one was home and wouldn’t be anytime soon. The front door had been boarded up after police used forced entry when performing a welfare check on Chester Andraka, who failed to show up to work causing his concerned employers to notify the police.

When police arrived they noticed an unresponsive body on the couch and decided to enter by pushing in the locked front door. Inside the family room lay Chester Andraka, 46, and his wife, Rosaria Andraka, 43. Both had suffered fatal gunshot wounds.

A statement from the Morris County Prosecutor’s office has confirmed reports that Mr. Andraka shot himself and that his wife was shot to death but did not state that Andraka was the one who shot his wife.

Chester Andraka was a retired Caldwell police officer who worked at Novartis Pharmaceuticals and was an adjunct professor at Fairleigh Dickinson University (FDU). His wife also was employed there, as an honors program administrator.

Parsippany police were told at 10:01 a.m. that Chester Andraka, 46, failed to report to work Monday, acting Morris County Prosecutor Fredric M. Knapp said in a statement from his office.



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