Killed – Landi Benitez (Pensacola, FL)


Pensacola, Fla- Friday night, Deputies responded to the 1100 block Medford Avenue for a shots fired disturbance. Upon arrival it was discovered that there were 2 shooting victims. One victim, Landi Benitez, 23, died on scene and the other victim, Jose Elias Joya, 20 was transported to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

After interviewing witnesses it was determined that Benitez and Joya, along with three other
men, were walking on Medford Avenue. A passing motorist told them to move out of the roadway and words were exchanged. Earl Moultrie then began to argue with the subjects.
According to Moultrie, he felt threatened and retrieved a gun from his car and fired a warning shot. The confrontation continued and Moultrie fired additional shots at the subjects, striking Benitez multiple times and also striking Joya once.


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