Murder/Suicide – Michael Dillon (Gig Harbor, WA)


TACOMA, Wash. — Police believe a Tacoma man shot and killed another man after a neighborhood fight Thursday in north Tacoma before driving to Gig Harbor and killing himself.

Police said Dillon, 51, fired several random rounds from his back porch and then killed Rossiter, 55, about 8 p.m. after an argument in the victim’s side yard. Dillon then drove to a friend’s house at Canterwood Estates in Gig Harbor and fatally shot himself as Pierce County sheriff’s deputies approached.

Friends and neighbors grieved for Rossiter on Friday but said they were not surprised to learn Dillon was the alleged gunman.

Frank Rossiter, Jr., 55, was found dead by Tacoma Police. He worked as a processor for the court system and was the father of a 12-year-old son.

TACOMA, Wash. —

An intense search for a gunman who Tacoma police officers said shot and killed his Ruston neighbor ended hours later in a suicide.

According to eyewitnesses, the shooter, 51-year-old Mike Dillon, walked out of his house Thursday night, went next door, and shot Frank Rossiter Jr. multiple times with a handgun.

Neighbors of a Tacoma man who police said fatally shot his neighbor Thursday night said Dillon constantly threatened residents and was mentally unstable. He was also known as someone who often lashed out at people living near him.

Police found Dillon dead in his car. He had shot himself, they said.

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