Triple Murder – Killed – Claudia Balderas (Dallas, TX)

Claudia Balderas

Three Eagle Passans were murdered outside the San Francisco Night Club in the Oak Lawn neighborhood in Dallas, Texas this past weekend stemming from a fight between two women inside the club who took their fight outside the establishment.

According to Dallas news reports, Claudia Balderas, age 22, got into a fight with another woman inside the San Francisco Night Club and the two women took their fight outside the club where Alfredo Arredondo, Jr., age 30, brother of Claudia Balderas, and Francisco Martinez, age 27, attempted to break up the fight between Balderas and the other woman in the parking lot of the club when another man, Rigoberto Vasquez Hernandez, age 45, opened gunfire on Arredondo, Martinez, and Balderas, killing all three.

Arredondo, Martinez, and Balderas were all residents of Eagle Pass while the suspect Vasquez Hernandez is from Dallas. Vasquez Hernandez was arrested and charged with three homicides by the Dallas Police Department and jailed in the Dallas County Jail.

Police were called to Maple Avenue and Hawthorne Avenue shortly before 5 a.m. When they arrived, they found three people dead from gunshot wounds in front of two nightclubs and a convenience store.


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