Mass Shooting – Killed – Marvin Lewis Woods (Topeka, KS)


Monday marks one year since four people were gunned down in central Topeka, and the person — or, more likely, persons — responsible still are out there. And they probably aren’t far away.

“I believe the suspect or suspects are still in this area,” said Topeka Police Capt. Brian Desch. “It was people in the community that did this and I think there’s people that have information that can help us. I don’t know if they’ve just been reluctant because of some fear or pressure or what, but at some point we’re hoping those people will come forward.”

The grisly discoveries on Dec. 1, 2013, started about 4:10 p.m., when two boys discovered Carla Avery, 45, grievously wounded behind a strip mall in the 1200 block of S.W. 21st.

Not two hours later, when the investigation led to Avery’s home on S.W. Central Park Avenue, police found the bodies of three other people: Tamesha Lee, 34; Eric Christopher Avery, 43; and Marvin Lewis Woods, 56. All had been shot.

Carla Avery died two days later. She is the sister to Eric Avery and the ex-wife of Woods.

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — Topeka police believe those responsible for four homicides last year are still living in or near the city.

Carla Avery, 45, was found seriously wounded behind a strip mall in Topeka on Dec. 1. Hours later, three others were found shot to death at Avery’s home — Tamesha Lee, 34; Eric Christopher Avery, 43; and Marvin Lewis Woods, 56. Two of those victims had connections to Avery, who died two days later and was Eric Avery’s sister and Woods’ ex-wife.

A year later, no arrests have been made in the city’s first quadruple homicide case, The Topeka Capital-Journal reported ( ).

Police Capt. Brian Desch believes the suspect or suspects came from Topeka and that someone knows who was involved. He is asking anyone with information to come forward.–236632951.html


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