Killed – Larry W. Bradley (Gallia County, OH)

Larry W. Bradley2

A hunter was found dead in his tree stand in December and now an anonymous letter is sent to deputies apologizing for what happened.

45-year-old Larry Bradley was found dead in Gallia County from an apparent gunshot wound.

A Gallia County hunter was found dead Monday morning.

Sheriff Joe Browning says a family member found the man just before 9 a.m. on Thaxton Road in Morgan Township. Deputies with the Gallia County Sheriff’s Office are working with agents with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

An anonymous letter was sent to the Gallia County Sheriff’s Office, apologizing for a hunter’s death.

Now the sheriff’s office is releasing the whole letter.

Gallia County Sheriff Joe Browning says with Ohio’s turkey hunting season starting Monday, he wanted to get the information out to the public.

Larry Bradley was shot on December 2, 2013, the opening day of Ohio’s deer/gun season.

Sheriff Browning says when the letter was received around Christmas, part of it was released in an attempt to have the person responsible come forward.

But so far, that has not happened.

The sheriff’s office hopes by releasing the letter in its entirety, the person responsible for the shooting will come forward.–234125131.html


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