Killed – Chenard Treadwell (Euclid, OH)


EUCLID, Ohio — Multiple people were involved in a drug-related shooting on Tuesday that officials said resulted in a 26-year-old man’s death.

Euclid resident Chenard Treadwell was fatally shot about 10 p.m. Tuesday in the 27000 block of Tremaine Avenue, police said. He was taken to Hillcrest Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

A city official said Treadwell was shot in the stomach.

EUCLID, Ohio — Police here are still investigating what appears to have been a wild fatal shooting that involves multiple people firing shots both inside and outside of an apartment building.

Police and state investigators eventually found shell casings scattered across the Euclid Meadows apartment complex of Euclid Avenue, crack cocaine and alcohol inside a vacant apartment, blood smears throughout the area, a bullet-ridden car in the parking lot and a semiautomatic pistol stolen from South Euclid in 2011.

No arrests have been made since Chenard W. Treadwell, 26, of Mavec Avenue, was gunned down Tuesday in the Tremaine Avenue apartment complex. Reports say Treadwell was shot once in the upper abdomen and once in the back near his left kidney.

Police say he eventually ran from 27280 Tremaine, up the driveway and across the street, where he collapsed. A woman who called 911 told police a neighbor was standing with Treadwell until police arrived.


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