Killed – Patti Wheelington (Texarkana, AR)

Patti Wheelington

TEXARKANA, Ark. (KTHV) – A woman is under arrest for the murder of another woman in Texarkana.

Texarkana police were called to a home on South Valley Drive Dec. 3 for a possible dead body. When they arrived they found the body of a woman outside shot to death. Her body was sent to the Arkansas Crime Lab for autopsy and her name has not been released.

Police began their investigation and learned through interviewing witnesses that the suspect was Virginia Hyatt, 65. She is charged with capital murder.

The Texarkana Gazette reports both women were members of the Guys and Dolls Square Dancing Club. Court records allege that Hyatt was “harassing” Wheelington over Wheelington’s relationship with Hyatt’s estranged husband.

Virginia Hyatt, 65, killed Patti Wheelington, 59, after accusing husband James Hyatt of cheating with the woman

Both were members of a Texarkana, Arkansas square dancing club

They socialized in a large group and knew each other well

Virginia Hyatt, 65, gunned down Patti Wheelington, 59, earlier this month after years of making accusations that the well-liked widow was making moves on her husband, sources said.

A mutual friend who spoke MailOnline says Ms Hyatt was jealous of any woman who danced with her husband, and that jealousy came to a head shortly after husband James filed for divorce.

Ms Wheelington was shot dead in her home by Mrs Hyatt, authorities told KSLA. The beloved woman’s body was found Dec 3 outside her Texarkana home.

Virginia Hyatt made her first appearance in court on Friday, charged with capitol murder in the death of 59-year-old Patti Wheelington. Wheelington’s body was found outside her Texarkana home Tuesday morning. Miller County prosecuting attorney Carlton Jones says Wheelington had been shot multiple times.


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