Double Shooting – Killed – Male Teen – Calvin Ward (Chattanooga, TN)


Chattanooga police have arrested a man whose partner was killed during a robbery they planned at a Bi-Lo parking lot last week.

Galen Allen, 26, faces charges of attempted first degree murder, aggravated assault, aggravated robbery and tampering with evidence.

Allen’s partner, 17-year-old Calvin Ward, was shot and killed when the victim, Jaden Archer, fired his Glock .40 caliber in self defense, according to Chattanooga police.

Jaden Archer was uninjured and still on scene when police arrived. He told police he met Ward at the parking lot to purchase electronic tablets.

Instead, Ward tried to rob him at gunpoint, he told police.

Ward was found dead in a white Kia parked in the grocery store parking lot at 4510 Highway 58. A handgun was found in the car with him in the passenger’s side. He suffered a couple of gunshot wounds to his back.

Allen attempted to pull Archer from the vehicle. Archer also shot Allen. Allen managed to make it to a local hospital where he was treated.

Police were called to the scene after a report of gunfire at about 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, said Sgt. Wayne Jefferson, police information officer for the Chattanooga Police Department.


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