Killed – Sonja James (Cushing, OK)

Sonja James1

CUSHING, Oklahoma – A 97-year-old great-grandfather sits in the Payne County jail Friday night for first-degree murder.

Russell Eugene Dawes is accused of murdering his 30-year-old great granddaughter in his home Thursday. The Payne County DA says in all his time, his office has never had a 97-year-old suspect in a murder case.

Dawes admitted to sheriff’s deputies that he shot and killed his 30-year-old great granddaughter Thursday morning. According to court documents, it was around 9 a.m. when the funeral director at Davis Funeral Home in Cushing got a phone call from his good friend, Russell Dawes.

Dawes asked for help with a dead body.

“He pretty well admitted that he shot her and the reason for it. He describes here as he was tired of her ‘carrying on,'” said Payne and Logan County DA, Tom Lee.


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