Double Shooting – Killed – Anthony Vaughn (Tunica, MS)


(WMC – TV) – On Saturday, Tunica Police are investigating the killing of a soon-to-be-father outside of a nightclub. “Today is his birthday, he got killed on his birthday,” said Linda Vaughn about her nephew, Anthony Vaughn. Tunica Police say he was shot and killed outside of the Nickson Disco Club where a fight broke out on Friday night.

Investigators say several shots were fired outside of the club. A teenager was also hit and taken to the MED. A third person was hurt, but Tunica police are trying to figure out if the victim was shot or pistol whipped. There are two people in custody, but neither have been charged in Vaughn’s death.

Three Tunica men are in custody and charged with murder in the Dec. 7 shooting death of Anthony Vaughn, also of Tunica, who had just turned 24 that day.

Vaughn, shot multiple times at Nickson’s Disco nightclub in downtown Tunica, was transported to the Regional Medical Center in Memphis, where he later died, according to Tunica police investigator Michael Nichols.

Travis Nickson, 38, Mario Nickson, 41, and Quinton Gates, 27, are being held in the Tunica County Jail, on charges of murder and accessory after the fact.

An altercation that began inside the club Friday spilled out onto Marie Street just after midnight Saturday, Dec. 7, Nichols said.


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