Killed – Toddler (Indianapolis, IN)


INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – A 3-year-old boy has died after he apparently shot himself in the head. Detectives believe the boy shot himself after pulling the gun off a kitchen counter. It happened Saturday evening around 6 p.m. at a home on East 68th Street near Kingsley Drive.

The boy was transported to Riley Hospital for Child at IU Health where he died as a result of his injuries. The boy’s parents and 4-year-old sister were also home at the time. According to Indianapolis Metropolitan police, a 911 caller said “a gun went off and struck a child.”

INDIANAPOLIS, IN, 12/07/13: RTV 6 reports that a 3 year old is dead after being shot in the head yesterday evening at his family’s home on the 1800 block of East 68th Street. Police responded to the scene after 6 p.m. where they found the boy inside the home suffering from a gunshot wound to the head. The child was then rushed to Riley Hospital for Children in critical condition and later died of his injuries. Investigators have indicated that they believe the child accidentally shot himself in the head after he pulled the gun off a kitchen counter. A neighbor to the family said “I’ve known they had guns; they’ve carried them in public on their side, they’ve got permits for them and I just thought they always were a little bit more responsible than that.”

The parents of a 3-year-old boy who fatally shot himself in December were arrested Friday on charges of neglect of a dependent. The father faces an additional felony charge of neglect of a dependent causing death.

Warrants were issued Thursday for Nicholas Gulling, 27, and Sandra Tomich, 35 according to a release from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.

Both Gulling and Tomich were being held Friday in the Marion County Jail, Gulling on $20,000 bond and Tomich on $1,000 bond.

Initially after the Dec. 7 incident in the 1800 block of 68th Street, where the boy pulled a loaded gun from a kitchen counter and shot himself in the head, investigators were preliminarily classifying it as an accident.

Gulling and Tomich, and a 4-year-old sister of the boy were home at the time of the shooting.

After the shooting, the child was taken to Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health in critical condition. He died hours later.–I-can-do-anything-I-want-on-my-property-he-screamed-and-fired-three-more-rounds-GunFAIL-XLVIII–234955201.html


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