Killed – John Dooley (Tampa, FL)

John Dooley

TAMPA — A 19-year-old man is under arrest in the shooting death of a taxi driver near Busch Boulevard.

Police say Devante Bell is one of three men who called for a Yellow Cab just before 8 p.m. Sunday and then killed the driver, John Dooley, 56, in an attempted robbery.

In a review of phone records, investigators pinpointed the cellphone number that was used to call the cab company, according to arrest reports.

Bell was carrying the phone Tuesday night as detectives watched him leave his home at 1509 E New Orleans Ave., police said.

SUSPECT: Landrick D Edwards, known as Fat Cat, B/M, DOB: 12/09/89

CHARGES: First Degree Murder with a Firearm, Attempted Robbery with a Firearm

VICTIM: John Dooley, W/M, 1/27/57

DATE OF INCIDENT: 12/8/13 7:45pm


Homicide detectives identified Landrick Edwards as the gunman in the cab driver murder shortly after the crime occurred. They executed a search warrant on his home after the murder and recovered a weapon. Ballistic tests by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement confirmed it was the murder weapon used to kill John Dooley. Detectives arrested Edwards on 12/12/13 for violating his probation on an attempted murder conviction. He has remained in jail since that date. Today, detectives charged him with First Degree Murder in the death of John Dooley.

Detectives arrested the first suspect, Devante Bell two days after the murder. They continue to search for a third suspect in the crime.

Laura McElroy

Previous Release
Tampa, FL December 11, 2013 –

DATE/TIME: 12/10/2013 at 10:16 p.m.

SUSPECT: Devante Bell, B/M, DOB: 2/18/1994, 1509 East New Orleans Avenue, Tampa

VICTIM: John M. Dooley, W/M, DOB: 1/23/1957

Tampa Police homicide detectives have arrested one suspect and are actively working to identify two additional suspects involved in the Sunday night murder of a Yellow Cab driver. Detectives identified Devante Bell through latent evidence, which included records from the cab company. Police officers took Bell into custody late Tuesday night at his home on New Orleans Avenue in Tampa. He was interviewed at the police department’s downtown headquarters and charged with First Degree Murder and Robbery with a Firearm.

During this extensive investigation, detectives discovered that a third suspect was possibly involved in the fatal shooting of John Dooley. Investigators are actively following up on leads and examining forensic evidence to arrest any additional suspects connected to Dooley’s death.


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