Killed – Johnathan Corey Youngblood (Jacksonville, FL)


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office is investigating a deadly shooting near downtown Jacksonville Sunday.

Officers initially called to the intersection of West State Street and Tyler Street about 3:34 p.m. on reports of a crash instead found a man shot dead inside a car.

Police on scene told First Coast News the victim was shot before the vehicle hit a nearby light pole.

The shooter in a Jacksonville drug deal that tuned violent chased the victim’s car and continued firing as it moved away then stole the dead man’s watch after the car crashed, police said Monday.
Rayvon Deshean Sanders, 23, is accused of killing Johnathan Corey Youngblood, 29, on Dec. 8 on State Street, and was arrested Saturday.

Youngblood, who lived on West State Street, was waiting outside a friend’s residence when he was approached by a man who wanted to make a deal to buy marijuana, Assistant Chief Chris Butler said Monday. At the end of the deal, the buyer pulled a gun and began firing into the car.

Yoougblood tried to drive off, but the man followed him and continued shooting, witnesses told police.

Police said Sanders killed Youngblood in random street robbery.

They said Youngblood was in Northwest Jacksonville waiting for a friend when Sanders approached him looking to buy some marijuana. Police said he shot Youngblood, who drove off.

They said Youngblood crashed, and Sanders reached in an took Youngblood’s watch.


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