Killed – Joshua J. Richards (Appleton, WI)

Joshua J. Richards

Police have arrested a Neenah man in connection with the fatal shooting last weekend.

Chong Leng Lee, 28, was arrested at 11:09 a.m. Thursday on a probation violation. On Friday, an additional homicide charge was filed.

The arrest came four days after Joshua J. Richards, 25, was shot in the head around 1:50 a.m. Sunday in the doorway of Luna Lounge, 344 W. College Ave., in downtown Appleton. Richards died Monday evening.

GILLETT – The letter arrived a little more than 15 months after Josh Richards died following a shooting at an Appleton nightclub.

The email from American Tissue Services Foundation told his parents, Jackie and Mike Pische of Gillett, the donation of Richards’ tissue helped more than 50 people in 9 states and Switzerland.

It took Mike Pische, his step-dad, two days to finish reading the document.

Both say knowing their 25-year-old son lives on in others has helped them cope with his sudden loss. So have letters of gratitude from recipients.


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