Double Murder – Killed – John Hill (Toledo, OH)

John Hill

The two men who were shot and killed in North Toledo on Monday night were each shot in the head.

Darnell Green, 23, was shot a total of seven times — his wounds were to the head, torso, and both arms, said Lucas County Deputy Coroner Dr. Maneesha Pandey.

John Hill, 25, suffered only the gunshot wound to the head.

Both deaths are homicides and toxicology tests are pending, Dr. Pandey said.

Toledo police said at least 10 shots were fired into 25 E. Pearl St., in North Toledo, where several people were hanging out.

Sgt. Joe Heffernan said all of the shots were fired from outside the residence and both victims were found dead inside.

Sergeant Heffernan said the shots were fired through a glass-paneled door.

The plan Monday night was to finally record a tribute song to memorialize Darnell Green’s cousin.

Green and several friends met up at 25 E. Pearl St., where they planned to cut the track and have an otherwise quiet evening.

At 8:25 p.m., police were dispatched to the North Toledo home on a report of two people shot. When they arrived, they found Green, 23, and John Hill, 25, dead.


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