Killed – Charles Thomas Deishley (Las Vegas, NV)


Police performing a welfare check found a man in his 70s dead in his home from an apparent gunshot wound Monday afternoon.

The victim, Charles Thomas Deishley, had been an actor in “Star Trek: The Experience” at the Las Vegas Hilton from its opening in 1998 until it closed in 2008, according to his friend and co-worker Kerstan Szczepanski.

Las Vegas police said a friend of Deishley, who officials have not yet identified, was worried because he hadn’t heard from Deishely in a while.

Police checked the back of the residence in the 2800 block of Alta Drive around 1:45 p.m after no one answered the front door. While checking the backyard, they found Deishley laying on the floor.

Police were able to enter the home through an open door and confirm he was dead.

During his time at the Hilton, he played a Klingon known as General Motog and spoke Klingon to customers in the restaurant.

Police say Charles Thomas Deishley, 70, who portrayed General Motog in The Experience, was found shot to death in his home on Alta Drive.

Metro investigators believe his home may have been broken into. Deishley lived alone and police were called to his home by a friend who grew concerned when he hadn’t heard from Deishley in a few days.


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