Triple Shooting – Wounded – Male Teen (New Orleans, LA)


A man killed in a triple shooting in eastern New Orleans on Tuesday night (Dec. 10) has been identified by the Orleans Parish coroner.

Emmanuel Jethro, 33, died at about 8 p.m. after being shot several times in the 11900 block of Hayne Boulevard, said John Gagliano, chief investigator at the Orleans Parish coroner’s office.

Two other men — ages 17 and 20 — were also shot at a gas station on the corner of Hayne Boulevard and Bullard Avenue, and were listed in stable condition at a local hospital, NOPD spokesman Garry Flot said.

The report of the shooting came in Tuesday about 7:35 p.m., the spokesman said. The NOPD has not made any arrests in the case.

New details have emerged in last month’s shooting death of a Gretna man who New Orleans police say was gunned down by 17-year-old Tracy Bell at an eastern New Orleans gas station.

Though Bell is accused of fatally wounding 33-year-old Emmanuel Jethro and faces a charge of second-degree murder, investigators believe it was Jethro’s 17-year-old nephew who initiated the fateful shootout after a verbal altercation turned violent, an arrest report says. Bell, who was wounded in the exchange, surrendered to authorities last Friday at his mother’s home, which is less than two miles from the crime scene.

Police responding to reports of gunfire on the night of Dec. 10 arrived at the Family Ranch Discount Gas station to find blood, 13 spent bullet casings of different calibers, and one live 9 mm cartridge, the warrant says. What they didn’t find were victims, or a clear picture of what had transpired.

But after reports of gunshot patients turning up in private cars minutes later at both Interim LSU Public Hospital and Tulane Medical Center, investigators began piecing together the details of the shootout. Based on interviews, seized belongings, and a review of the gas station’s surveillance tapes, police determined that Bell and Jethro’s nephew not only knew each other, but had been texting each other about firearms before the confrontation took place. The detective did not elaborate on the details of the firearms discussion.

NOPD Detective Nicholas Williams said in the warrant Jethro was in the front passenger seat of a Chevrolet Impala driven by his girlfriend, with his nephew a passenger in the back seat. Bell and a 20-year-old man pulled up behind them at the gas station in a Nissan Maxima. Bell initially told investigators he and his associate were waiting for a gas pump. The driver of the Impala told police her car had been pursued and run off a road by the Maxima, before stopping at the gas station.

Jethro got out of the Impala and began arguing with the Maxima’s passengers, which escalated into a physical confrontation, the warrant says. Jethro’s nephew also left the Impala and told its driver to pop open the trunk, from which he pulled a .40-caliber pistol and began firing, the detective wrote in the warrant. Bell told police he got a 9mm handgun from his car and returned fire, striking the unarmed Jethro twice, the warrant says. At least one shot punctured Jethro’s femoral artery, and bleeding from that leg wound proved fatal. Bell told police he discarded the weapon after escaping the scene.


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