Killed – John Knudsen (Hollis, ME)

John Knudsen

HOLLIS, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — The Maine Department of Public Safety says a man from Hollis was shot and killed in a confrontation with State Police.

Investigators say the standoff began around noon in Hollis when a 61-year-old John Knudsen’s wife left their home and he fired a shot.Troopers shut downRoute 35 and calledin the StatePolice Tactical Team and negotiators.

The fatal shooting took place when Knudsen came to the front door of his house, he made some comments to police and fired another shot.State Police say Trooper Tyler Stevenson, a member of the Tactical Team, returned fire. The Maine Department of Public Safety says Stevenson is a nine year veteran of the State Police. He is on administrative leave with pay.

Police say Knudsen was shot after he fired a handgun at police following a standoff that lasted more than three hours. He had been drinking much of the day and had earlier argued with his wife, who called police and fled the couple’s home.

Police were called to 33 Little Falls Road, a manufactured home set back from the road, at about 10:30 a.m.

Maine’s attorney general ruled Tuesday that a state trooper who shot and killed a man in Hollis on Dec. 12 was justified in using deadly force after the man fired a revolver toward the trooper.

The investigation also showed that contrary to initial reports, the trooper fired first in response to the man pointing his gun at the officer’s position 266 feet away. That first shot did not hit John A. Knudsen, 61, of Little Falls Road in Hollis, but the trooper’s second shot did.

Knudsen was despondent over a leg injury that left him with limited mobility. Knudsen, who had battled alcohol addiction for much of his life, had been drinking since early that morning, according to a report from Attorney General Janet T. Mills.


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