Double Shooting – Killed – Michael A. Sibert Jr. (Cleveland, OH)


Maurice Fountain, who was shot during a robbery in Canton on Dec. 13, died of gunshot wounds to the left cheek and neck with skeletal, vascular and soft tissue injuries.

Fountain was at the home of 19-year-old Michael Sibert Jr. on Alan Page Drive when three people entered the home and attempted to rob the two men, according to a Canton police release. One of the men shot Sibert, who was able to return fire and hit the shooter in the face, forcing the other two men to flee, Canton police said.

Fountain also was shot during the encounter, and was taken to MetroHealth Medical Center by helicopter. Sibert was pronounced dead at the scene, police said.

Her son, 19-year-old Michael A. Sibert Jr., was killed Dec. 13 during a robbery at his apartment on Alan Page Drive SE. Since then, the mother has missed giving him hugs and kisses, ones she planned to shower him with until he was an old man.

The small cross dangled over her chest Tuesday when she sat in court and watched two teenagers — Amir G. Eppinger and David D. Sharp — admit to their roles in his death and get sentenced to 14 years in prison.

Each teenager pleaded guilty to complicity to involuntary manslaughter. The charge had been amended from complicity to murder as part of a plea agreement.

Under the plea deal, Eppinger and Sharp agreed to testify against another codefendant in the case, Marcus R. Cobb, 27, who is charged with complicity to murder.

According to court records, Maurice Fountain, 16, of Cleveland, shot Sibert, who died at the scene, police said.

Sharp, Eppinger and Fountain struggled with Sibert’s friend, who was at the apartment, according to court records. Fountain died Dec. 21 from gunshot injuries sustained during the robbery, police said.

Canton police responded to 643 Alan Page Drive S.E. at approximately 6:08 p.m. Friday regarding a shooting casualty.


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