Killed – Jordan Nava (Youngtown, AZ)


Maricopa County sheriff’s deputies have made two arrests in connection with the shooting death of a man Saturday outside a Youngtown hotel.

Jamal Akil Nathani Perryman, 24, of Glendale, was arrested Monday after questioning by detectives, according to a court document acquired Thursday morning.

Deputies took Joseph Gonzales, 22, into custody Wednesday morning after a search warrant on a home near 163rd Avenue and Jomax.

Perryman and Gonzales are accused of trying to rob Jordan Nava of a half-pound of cocaine valued at $7,600 in the parking lot of a Best Western Hotel.

The suspects’ cell phones were both traced to the shooting location, leading to their questioning and arrests.

Gonzales got away the day of the shooting in a ’90s model gray/silver sedan driven by Perryman eastbound on Grand Avenue, according to MCSO spokesman Christopher Hegstrom.

MCSO said Nava, 24, was shot near the Best Western Hotel at 11201 W. Grand Ave. shortly before 4 p.m. Saturday.

The court document said Gonzales pulled a gun while in Nava’s vehicle and ordered him to give up the cocaine. A witness who was acting as the “middle man” for the buy said Nava pulled a gun, but Gonzales fired first.

Gonzales left the vehicle as Nava fired back and got into the car with Perryman, the witness said.

Nava was rushed to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.


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