Double Shooting – Killed – Pregnant Woman – Salatheia Smith (Tampa, FL)

Salatheia Smith

Tampa, Florida — A pregnant woman is dead and a suspect is in critical condition after a violent home invasion in Tampa.

Witnesses say two masked men entered an unlocked home along N. Brooks Street around 5 a.m. Sunday, intending to rob the residents.

During the home invasion, one of the suspects shot 22-year-old Salatheia “Sunshine” Smith. Tampa Police say Smith, who was six to eight weeks pregnant, later died from her injuries.

Police say Smith’s boyfriend then released his pit bull on the intruders. One of the suspects managed to shoot the female dog in the leg as she attacked.

A suspect dropped his handgun as he struggled with the pit bull, which police say the boyfriend then picked up and opened fire, shooting 35-year-old Anthony Robinson.

Both suspects then fled the from the house, with Robinson collapsing on the sidewalk. He was taken to the hospital, where he remains in critical condition. The other suspect remains at large.

Female Victim: Salatheia (Sunshine) Smith, DOB: 12-25-90, B/F, 8214 North Brooks Street (deceased)

Male Victim: Charles Patrick Duefrane Jr. DOB: 11-01-90, W/M, 8214 North Brooks Street (uninjured)

Female Victim: Sylvia Lynn Gilley, DOB: 11-17-75, 911 East Ellicott Street, Tampa (uninjured victim who was visiting her son’s home)

Female Victim: 4-year-old girl (uninjured, visiting her brother’s home with her mother)

Injured Suspect: Robinson, Anthony Robinson, DOB 8-20-78, B/M, unknown address (hospitalized in critical condition)

Detectives have determined that two masked suspects targeted the unlocked home with the intent to rob the victims. During the home invasion, one of the suspects fired and shot the female victim. She later died from her injuries. She was 6-8 weeks pregnant. Her boyfriend then released his Pit Bull and it attacked the intruder. One of the suspects shot the Pit Bull once in the leg. The female dog was transported to an emergency vet clinic and is currently listed in stable condition. As the suspect struggled with the dog, he dropped his handgun. The boyfriend picked it up and shot one of the suspects. Both suspects fled from the home. One collapsed on the sidewalk outside of the house. He remains in critical condition this morning. The second suspect fled from the scene.

The boyfriend and girlfriend lived together at the home. His mother and 4-year-old sister were visiting when the home invasion took place. The mother shielded her daughter during the attack. Neither was injured. Anyone with information about the fleeing suspect is urged to call Crime Stoppers. Anonymous tips from the public that lead to an arrest are eligible for a cash reward of up to $3,000.


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