Killed – Randy McKenzie (Farmington, NM)

Randy McKenzie

FARMINGTON — U.S. Marshals on Tuesday arrested a man suspected of shooting a 39-year-old man to death early Sunday morning at a Farmington apartment on North Butler Avenue, according to Farmington police.

Federal agents arrested Mark Hinojos, 24, on Tuesday evening at San Juan Apartments, 2614 E. 20th St., said Georgette Allen, a Farmington police spokeswoman.

A warrant charging Hinojos with second-degree murder in connection to Randy McKenzie’s death was issued late Monday.

McKenzie’s body was found late Monday night near an oil field road in Crouch Mesa. He had been shot in the chest early Sunday at the Farmington apartment during a birthday party, and his body was dumped in the isolated area of San Juan County, according to court documents. His sister reported the shooting to police on Sunday afternoon after learning about the incident via Facebook.

Hinojos is accused of shooting McKenzie, 39, during a party on Dec. 15, 2013, at an apartment at 3986 N. Butler Ave.

Witnesses told police McKenzie got into a fight with Jaime Montano during the party, and Hinojos interceded by shooting McKenzie three times in the chest, according to Daily Times archives.


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