Mass Shooting – Killed – Dr. Charles Gholdoian (Reno, NV)

Dr. Charles Gholdoian

UPDATE: 12/23/2013:

Shawntae Spears is now in good condition, according to an official with Renown Regional Medical Center. No condition is being made publicly available for Dr. Lajeunesse.

UPDATE 12/19/2013:
At a news conference Thursday afternoon, Reno police confirmed the name of the shooting suspect is Alan Frazier, age 51, from Lake Almanor. They say they have found evidence indicating the shooting was planned as Frazier’s final act, and that each shot was deliberately fired at somebody. They say they may never know the exact motive, but they have evidence that he was upset with the results of a 2010 operation. His truck was found outside the shooting site and towed to an evidence yard. His last known employment was with Mt. Lassen Power Company, with family in California and Arizona. Also, accounts have been set up at Wells Fargo bank branches for anyone whp wants to donate to help the victims and their families.

Based on witness statements and evidence, here is what police believe is the timeline of the shooting:

• The suspect entered through the main office doors and encountered office staff at the front desk and patients in the lobby.
• The suspect made statements that he was looking for physicians and not patrons of the office.
• The suspect walked into the interior of the office, toward the examination rooms, where he encountered our first victim, Dr. Christine Lajeunesse. He then shot her point blank in the arm and torso, where she immediately fell to the floor.
• As he continued down the hallway, he encountered Dr. Gholdoian. He shot at the doctor, missing him, but striking our second victim, Shantae Spears, in the torso.
• The suspect’s third shot was at Dr. Gholdoian in the hallway, striking him in the torso.
• The suspect then walked into the office area where he attempted to break into a locked room. There is indication that his fourth shot was through a smoked glass door, possibly in an attempt to gain access.
• He then returned to the main lobby area where the fifth and final shot was the self-inflicted gunshot wound to his head.
• Located with the suspect was the primary firearm, which was a pistol grip 12-gauge shotgun, a 2-shot derringer pistol, and a fully loaded 40-caliber handgun. There is no indication that either handgun was fired.


UPDATE: Plumas County Sheriff’s deputies have identified the Renown medical campus gunman as 51-year-old Alan Frazier, a resident of Lake Almanor, California.


UPDATE: Renown Regional Medical Center says the name of the third victim in Tuesday’s shooting is Christine N. Lajeunesse, MD, FRCSC, FACS, from Urology of Nevada. She is in critical condition but awake.

Also Wednesday, the Plumas County sheriff confirmed his office and Reno PD secured a search warrant for the suspect, a resident of Lake Almanor, California. A search warrant was served Wednesday morning at the home believed to be that of the shooter, but his name still hasn’t been released and likely won’t be until his family is notifed, according to Sheriff Greg Hagwood. The suspect was in his early 50s and lived at the home alone, with no close or extended family living in Plumas County.


RENO, NV – Reno police say the doctor who was killed in Tuesday’s shooting at Urology of Nevada was 46-year-old Charles Garo Gholdoian, MD, a doctor at that practice. Still being treated is 20-year-old Shawntae Spears, the family member of a patient, and a doctor whose name is not being released yet at the request of the family.

Police say the shooting in a building that’s part of the Renown medical complex was seemingly not random, but no motive has been established. The hospital has returned to mostly normal business after being on lockdown much of Tuesday afternoon. Urology of Nevada offices throughout the region are closed Wednesday.

Roads surrounding the hospital are back open. Police say no shooters are still being sought and everybody has been accounted for.

The first report went out at 2:05PM Tuesday. By 2:20, police say an incident command center and lockdown were in place.

Police say they have interviewed 29 witnesses, with more scheduled, and it could be several weeks before they have an accurate account of exactly what happened. They say the shooter used a 12-gauge shotgun and fired several rounds. About 100 people were in the building, the Center for Advanced Medicine, when the shooting happened.

Police say the apparent shooter’s body was found on the third floor of the medical building at 1500 E. 2nd Street. Police say he had shot himself. He has been identified, but his name hasn’t been released.

Alan Oliver Frazier, 51, left notes at his home in Westwood, Calif. “indicating the suspect’s intent to commit this horrific act” and that his actions during the shooting at Urology Nevada “were to be his final actions,” Reno police Lt. William Rulla said.

Reno police Lt. William Rulla said Frazier also “had had surgery in 2010 and claimed he was having adverse symptoms due to the surgery.” Physicians at Urology Nevada performed the surgery, but authorities did not know which doctors did the operation or where it occured, Reno spokeswoman Sharon Spangler said.

Rulla said Frazier entered the Center for Advanced Medicine B, 1500 E. Second St., on the Renown Regional Medical Center campus, and made “statements that he was looking for physicians and not patrons.”

After entering Urology Nevada on the third floor, he fired one shot point-blank with a 12-gauge shotgun, hitting Dr. Christine Lajeunesse in the arm and torso. She immediately fell to the floor, Rulla said.

Frazier continued down the hallway and fired one round at Dr. Charles Gholdoian, which missed and hit 20-year-old Shawntae Spears in the torso, Rulla said.

Frazier’s third shot hit Gholdoian in the torso, killing him.

Frazier continued down the hall and attempted to break into a locked room, Rulla said. Police believe Frazier then fired a fourth shot through the glass door of the office, possibly trying to enter the room. He returned to the lobby and shot himself in the head, police say.

Lajeunesse is in critical condition and Spears is in stable condition, the city of Reno said Thursday afternoon.

Police say Frazier had three guns during the shooting: the 12-gauge shotgun, a derringer pistol and a fully loaded .40-caliber handgun. There is no indication the other guns were fired, police said.


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