Killed – Deborah Lazarine (Houston, TX)

Deborah Lazarine

HOUSTON Police have arrested and filed charges against a man accused of fatally shooting his wife Wednesday in southeast Houston.

Investigators said at 11:45 a.m. Raymond Lazarine, 62, shot his 63-year-old wife Deborah Lazarine multiple times in the living room of their house located on Dillon Street. She died at the scene.

Lazarine then called his adult son to tell him he had shot his mother, investigators said. The son called 911, and arrived at the house before police. He was able to take the 9mm pistol away from his father.

When police arrived Lazarine was taken into custody without incident. He complained to police that he was having chest pains. Paramedics checked him out, but did not transport him.

Houston police said Lazarine has no previous criminal record. Police said there is no known motive and no prior record of domestic violence calls to the home.

The couple had been married for more than 20 years and owned a commercial electricity contracting business: Ray Lazarine A/C and Electric.


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