Killed – Man (Memphis, TN)


The man accused of being the partner in crime for a murder suspect will face a judge today.

Police say Christopher Woodland drove the getaway car after Charles Griffin shot and killed a pawn shop owner.

The shooting happened last week at Lamar Jewelry and Pawn in Memphis.

Surveillance video shows a man shattering a glass case, stuffing stolen jewelry into two red duffel bags and then getting away in a red car.

Griffin is expected in court sometime next week.

Memphis Police detectives are investigating an apparent homicide after a Lamar Jewelry and Pawn customer found a man deceased inside the Memphis business Wednesday morning.

“A customer tried to go through the store,” said Memphis Police Maj. Dennis McNeil. “No answer to the door. Looked inside, see a person down, contact police.”

A man was shot dead inside an Orange Mound pawnshop Wednesday morning, according to the Memphis Police Department.

Officers found the man inside Cash America Pawn at 2399 Lamar at 11:45 a.m.


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