Murder/Suicide – Killed – Sherrie Newton (Cobb, GA)

Sherrie Newton2

A wife and mother found dead earlier this week in her East Cobb home may have been killed by a stalker, according to a friend. Police say there was no other relationship between the two except in passing.

Sherrie Newton, 43, was found struck by multiple gunshots inside her home off of Post Oak Tritt Road, on Dec. 18. Newton’s husband found her, along with 26-year-old Bryan Bunch, both dead. Bunch had a single gunshot wound to the head. Authorities state that based upon initial evidence, it appears as if Bunch was the shooter.

There was speculation that Bunch was part of the construction crew that worked on the Newtons’ home. The family started renovations earlier this year, and neighbors informed Cobb police that several construction workers had been at the home daily while working.

However, a friend of Newton’s who wishes to remain anonymous, told police that Newton and Bunch met at the gym only briefly last year. Bunch asked Newton out on a date, but she declined, stating that she was happily married and had a child. Newton had her phone number changed shortly after, and according to her friend, she did not have any contact with Bunch since then.

After accessing his records, police determined that Bunch lived on Fairfield Court, only a few miles away from Newton. He doesn’t appear to have a criminal history, according to Cobb police.

Reportedly, Bunch drove to Newton’s home while she was upstairs packing for a business trip. He entered the home through the garage, walked up the stairs, and shot her several times in the back. He then placed the gun to his head and pulled the trigger.

A man and a woman were found dead in an East Cobb home this Wednesday, and authorities released a statement the following day, describing the deaths as a murder-suicide, according to the Cobb County police.

Marty, Newton’s husband, informed authorities that he returned home at around 5:30 p.m., where he saw the body of Bunch and his wife. He immediately dialed 911.


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