Killed – Robert Lane (Kingsport, TN)


BLOUNTVILLE — Sullivan County Sheriff Wayne Anderson said Monday that his department’s investigation into a weekend shooting death continues, and whatever it uncovers will be sent to the Sullivan County grand jury.

Anderson said so far the investigation indicates the dead man, Robert “Bobby” Lane, 55, 125 Rocky Lane, asked his brother Richard Lane, 57, to meet him at their childhood homeplace at 117 Rocky Lane and to be there no later than 6 p.m. on Saturday. Rocky Lane is in the Bloomingdale community.

Anderson said the two men had been involved in an argument over property, either the homeplace or adjoining land, and Bobby Lane told Richard Lane he would have the sheriff’s office there for their meeting.

Anderson said when Richard Lane arrived at the unoccupied home, which is under renovation, no one was present other than Bobby Lane.

Neighbors were home, though, Anderson said — and it was neighbors who first called police to report a shooting at 5:55 p.m.

But Richard Lane also called 911 to report the shooting at 6:01 p.m., Anderson said.

Shortly after Richard Lane exited his vehicle, Bobby Lane hit him in the head with a piece of granite or marble — and Richard Lane then drew a .45-caliber pistol and shot Bobby Lane, who died at the scene, Anderson said.

“Within a couple of minutes he hit him in the head and knocked him to the ground,” Anderson said. “And when he knocked him to the ground, Richard pulled out a weapon, a .45 semi-automatic, and fired several rounds and struck Bobby Lane. That’s basically what happened.”

More information is being released on a fatal shooting that happened over the weekend.

Sullivan County Sheriff Wayne Anderson tells News 5 Robert “Bobby” Lane of Kingsport died at the scene from gunshot wounds.

The Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office tells us the fight happened Saturday at a home on Rocky Lane in Kingsport.

When deputies arrived they found Robert Lane’s body lying in the front yard of the house. Investigators say his brother, Richard Lane, is the man who shot him.

Sheriff Anderson tells us the two brothers were arguing outside of the home, then it got violent. “Bobby had a piece of marble or granite, and as soon as Richard stepped out [of his vehicle], he hit him and knocked him to the ground. Then Richard pulled out a weapon, a .45 semi-automatic [pistol]. He fired several [rounds] and struck Bobby Lane,” said Sheriff Wayne Anderson.

The victim’s brother has not been charged in the shooting.


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