Killed – Anthony Walker (Las Vegas, NV)

Anthony Walker

After a monthlong manhunt, authorities today announced an arrest in a shooting that left a Las Vegas man dead.

Jessie Charles Washington Jr., 43, was arrested Monday and is being held without bond in the Clark County Detention Center. He faces three charges, including murder, in Las Vegas Township Justice Court.

Washington is accused in the Dec. 22 shooting death of Anthony Walker, 27, at Walker’s home on Evening Rain Avenue.

A Metro Police report into Walker’s death depicts a drug deal gone wrong. The report indicates the following:

Washington met with Walker in the parking lot of a home improvement store on North Nellis Boulevard. Washington was interested in buying marijuana for a friend who had accompanied him. Walker agreed to the deal and they drove in separate vehicles to his home in he 6600 block of Evening Rain.

At the house, Walker told his girlfriend to lock the door and wait inside, and then called a friend to come over so that someone else was inside the home, where there was a marijuana-growing operation.

Moments later an argument broke out between Walker and Washington. Walker’s girlfriend opened the door and saw Walker running toward her yelling run. At the same time, Walker’s friend arrived and saw a man pull out a gun.

The friend yelled that he would call the police, but the man with the gun forced Walker into the home regardless. The friend went back to his truck to call 911 and next saw two men run out of the house and jump into a white minivan that drove off.

Walker stumbled out of the garage and collapsed in the driveway. A second acquaintance of Walker’s arrived and found Walker with a gunshot wound to the stomach.

The shooting happened at 5:55 p.m. at a home in the 6600 block of Evening Rain Avenue, near the intersection of Alto Avenue and North Hollywood Boulevard.


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