Murder/Suicide – Killed – Tammy Black (Virginia Beach, VA)

Tammy Black

UPDATE 12/23: Police identified the suspect as 45-year-old Dennie Black and the victim as 45-year-old Tammy Black of the 3500 block of Shore Drive.

Dennie Black has been an instructor at the Navy’s regional training academy for law enforcement since July 2011, Navy officials told 13News Now.

VIRGINIABEACH — A husband and wife died Sunday afternoon after they got into a fight at The Chesapeake House on Shore Drive, near the Lesner Bridge.

Police said they got a call about a firearms violation at about 3:30 p.m. When they got to the apartments, they cleared the complex and found a woman dead inside an apartment. Later, they found her husband’s body outside of the building.

Officers said that the situation grew from a domestic altercation between the couple.

On Sunday, Dennie Black had a different message. At 12:30, he posted on Facebook that the truth about his marriage was about to come out. “Tammy, I hope you’re happy!” he wrote.

Three hours later, both were dead. Dennie Black, 45, is believed to have shot his wife at the condo they had shared off Shore Drive. Then he shot himself and fell off the sixth-floor balcony, according to police reports and the medical examiner’s office.

Friends and family, who say the shooting came after months of turmoil, are questioning events leading to the deaths. On Sunday, friends say, police took Tammy Black, 43, to a magistrate so she could seek an emergency protective order against her husband.

Michelle Bryant, Tammy Black’s sister, said her sister called on Sunday, telling her she was on her way to the magistrate and admitting that she was scared to go. Black called back a little while later to say her request had been denied.

In October, Tammy Black decided she wanted to end the marriage, Bryant said, and they started the divorce process. Dennie Black had moved out of their condo at the Chesapeake House.

Cindy Banwarth, Tammy Black’s friend, said Tammy Black told her that her husband was abusive and had threatened to kill her and himself. Banwarth said Tammy Black didn’t want to report him to police because of fear of what it would do to his career.


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