Double Shooting – Wounded – Man (Shreveport, LA)


A man who walked in on a home invasion robbery at his residence fought with the intruder, took the gun away and shot and killed his attacker, Shreveport police said. The intended victim was shot in the leg before he got the gun away from his attacker, police said. His wounds were not life threatening, police said. Police today were searching for a second suspect, who fled after the robbery went awry. The shooting happened shortly after 10 p.m. at a house in the 5700 block of Sussex Street. Police said Joseph Taylor, 22, and another man forced their way into the house and threatened to kill a female victim and a juvenile who were inside. The two robbers began to ransack the house and then fired warning shots in an apparent attempt to intimidate the victims, police said. While the robbery was underway, Willie Lee Baker arrived home and was confronted by the suspects, police said. Baker, 29, told police that one of the men shot him in the leg before he started fighting back, got the gun from his attacker and then shot him, police said. Taylor was shot in the head and pronounced dead at LSU Hospital, police said. Detectives said they have not determined why Baker’s house was targeted.


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