Double Murder – Killed – Luann Storey (Lincoln, AL)


LINCOLN, Alabama — Police are investigating a double homicide after two people were found shot Saturday, according to The Daily Home.

Deonte Strown, 27, was found dead in the driveway of a home on Roberson Road after officers were called to a report of shots fired around 1:30 p.m. Saturday, police told the newspaper.

Luann Storey, 46, died at a hospital after she was taken by a private vehicle.

A Talladega County jury of eight women and four men spent just under two hours deliberating Tuesday before finding Jonathon Virgil Davis, 24, of Lincoln, guilty of attempted murder and shooting into an occupied dwelling.

Davis now faces 20 to 99 years or life in prison on the attempted murder charge.
According to Assistant District Attorney Christina Kilgore, Davis will be sentenced Sept. 15 by Talladega County Circuit Judge Julian King.

Davis was charged following a series of events Dec. 28, 2013, that resulted in the deaths of two people: Deonte “Tae-Tae” Strown, 27, and Luanne “Belle” Story, 47.

Davis’s victim in the attempted murder case was Strown’s brother, Brandon “Bam-Bam” Strown, who was involved in a relationship with Story’s daughter, LaShekia Knight, at the time of the incident.
Knight’s sister, Diamond Knight, had a child in common with Deonte Strown.

Story also had a son, James “Lil James” Knight, who was a witness, along with Antonio “Jarue” Tanner.

On Dec. 28, 2013, Bam-Bam had his cousin, Shawn Collins, drop him off at LaShekia Knight’s apartment at Talladega Downs. Strown and Knight argued, and he left.

Davis is not related to any of the Knights, but said he had known them since he was a child and considers the two daughters his sisters.

Shortly after the exchange at Talladega Downs, Davis went to Brandon Strown’s apartment on Shocco Springs Road. He only found Collins and told him that he planned to kill Strown for putting his hands on “his sister.”

Collins testified that Davis also showed him a gun.

At this point, Davis drove to pick up Story, who had come down from Gadsden to get her grandchild, who had gone to stay with the Strown family after Christmas.

The rest of the day’s events took place at the Strowns’ grandparents’ house on Roberson Road in Lincoln. Story demanded her grandchild, who was not there. She went into the house briefly, then came out again, and was locked out.

The brothers had heard the commotion and came around. Brandon got a shotgun from the garage, which Deonte took from him. What happened next was disputed.

According to the state’s version of events, Story and Deonte Strown fought over the shotgun, which went off and struck Story in the gut. She later died of her wounds.

Davis then shot Deonte Strown, knocking him down but not killing him.

Then Davis began shooting at Brandon Strown, who was unarmed and trying to make his way back into his grandparents’ house. He eventually made it, and Davis shot at him again when he was “peeping around the front door.”

At this point, Deonte Strown tried to sit up and move toward the shotgun before being fatally shot in the head by Davis.


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