Killed – Duraid Aziz Lossia (Farmington Hills, MI)

Duraid Aziz Lossia

FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich. (WXYZ) – Farmington Hills Police are investigating the murder of a party store owner in Farmington Hills.

It’s happened at Tom’s Party Store on Inkster Road, just north of 8 Mile.

Police were called to the scene about 12:30 pm Saturday. Witnesses had reported an armed robbery where the victim had been shot.

As an officer approached the scene he was flagged down by a witness who said the robbery and shooting occurred at the party store.

Once at the scene a witness told police he was walking into the party store at the same time that an African American man was walking out. The witness said that once he was inside the store he saw that the clerk had been shot.

Farmington Hills party store owner Duraid Lossia let customers who were short on cash have items and pay for them later and gave people down on their luck odd jobs to help them out.

Those are the kinds of good deeds many recalled during a candlelight vigil held in front of his store Sunday night, as police continue to search for his killer. Those who knew him said the 59-year-old Lossia loved helping people out.

Dozens of people showed up in the light rain to remember the man they knew as Dave. Some had known him for decades and held candles, told stories, cried, hugged or sang songs with others.


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