Mass Shooting – Killed – Male Teen – David Carpenter-Kohler (Barberton, OH)

Ashley Carpenter2

Two men have been arrested in connection with the New Year’s Eve shooting deaths of a Barberton father and his two teenage children.

Michael Deon Hendon, 22, and Eric Donta Hendon, 30, both of Akron, were arrested Friday on three counts each of aggravated murder.

Additional charges, including a potential death penalty specification indictment, will be considered when the case is reviewed later this month by a Summit County grand jury.

The arrests came on the same day that John Kohler, the Barberton father whose home was targeted by armed robbers on New Year’s Eve, died of apparent gunshot wounds.

He was shot in the home invasion burglary that also claimed the life of his 18-year-old stepdaughter, Ashley Carpenter, and his son, David Kohler Carpenter, 14.

Kohler’s girlfriend, Ronda Blankenship, 38, survived the shooting and is recovering at an area hospital.

Autopsies this week showed that Ashley died of a single gunshot wound to the head. Her brother, David, died of multiple gunshot wounds to the head. He also suffered defensive wounds to his arms, reports show. They were found together in a back bedroom.

The haunting 911 call from a Barberton woman paints a picture of the aftermath of a shooting New Year’s Eve that left her and her boyfriend wounded and his two teenage children dead.

“Help, help,” a wounded Ronda Blankenship pleads to a dispatcher in the conversation released Thursday by Southwest Summit Communications. “I’m bleeding everywhere … my boyfriend is here. I have two kids here … Help, help, help. Oh God.”

The teens were visiting their father, John Kohler, 42, at his 7th Street Northeast home on New Year’s Eve.

His girlfriend, Rhonda Blankenship, 38, was also shot, but survived.

A call for help was made around 6:50 p.m.

AKRON, Ohio — One of two brothers accused of killing three people and shooting a fourth during a home invasion robbery in Barberton is mentally unfit for the death penalty, a judge ruled on Monday.

Michael Hendon, 23, of Akron, still faces aggravated murder charges in the Dec. 31, 2013 attack. Summit County Judge Amy Corrigal Jones ruled that Hendon mental disabilities barred him from being executed under state and federal laws.

Hendon is scheduled for a court hearing Tuesday to determine how the case will proceed.

Hendon and his brother, Eric Hendon, 32, are accused of breaking into a 7th Street S.W. home in order to steal drugs and money, according to police.


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