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Double Shooting – Killed – Steven Carman (North Webster, IN)

Steven Carman

Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Detectives have now released additional information regarding a fatal shooting near the Barbee Lake Chain that happened Wednesday night. (See related)

Steven Carman, 51, of 44 EMS B10 Ln., Pierceton, died from multiple gunshot wounds sustained in what police say began as a report of a domestic dispute.

A 911 call of a potential shooting at the EMS B10 Lane home was received at about 7:18 p.m. last night. Officers arrived at the scene and located the potential suspected shooter, Sonya Lynn Armontrout, 42, Warsaw, who surrendered immediately without incident.

Deputies entered the residence and located the homeowner, Carman, who was critically injured. Paramedics from the North Webster EMS arrived but were not able to save Carman. Kosciusko County Coroner Michael Wilson was called to the scene later and pronounced Carman dead.

Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Detectives, along with members of the Kosciusko County Major Crimes Unit, have determined that Armontrout broke into Carman’s residence earlier in the evening and hid in a bedroom closet.

When Carman, along with Joseph A. Glant, 54, of Warsaw, entered the home, Armontrout exited the closet and discharged a 9 mm handgun. Glant was struck in the lower torso but his injuries were not life-threatening. Glant was able to escape and call 911.

Armontrout then reportedly discharged the handgun several times at Carman, striking him multiple times in the chest. Armontrout then proceeded to stab Carman in the back with a knife as he stumbled down a hallway to the living room area. In the living room, she again fired the gun at Carman hitting him multiple times in the head, execution style.

Crime scene technicians recovered both the firearm and the knife at the scene, which corroborated the witness information. Armontrout’s vehicle, a small red pickup truck, was located nearby at the bait and tackle store on SR 13.

Glant was transported to Kosciusko Community Hospital and was listed in stable condition. Officers had also initially located two small children after arriving at the scene that were determined to be the children of both Carman and Armontrout. The two young children were present during the killing but were found uninjured and placed into the custody of the Department of Child Services last evening.

Though the motive is not clear, police say the two had a history of heated arguments involving the daughters.

” This was an issue over her mental health and custody of the kids,” Wolf said.

Court documents indicate that Carman had a protective order against Armontrout, and that she had no business being at his place for another year and a half.

Sonya Lynn Fick, now 43, could be close to 73 years old when she leaves prison. That is if Judge Curtis D. Palmer accepts her plea agreement.

Fick is charged in the murder of Steven Carman, 51, and injuring Joseph A. Glant, Warsaw, on Dec. 18, 2013. (See related)

Fick, who was initially charged with murder as Sonya Lynn Armontrout, was 42 at the time. According to investigators of the Kosciusko County Major Crimes Unit, Carman was ambushed in his home which was located at 44 EMS B10 Lane, Pierceton.