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Meet the founder of terrorist @NRA – Harlan Carter



Meet the Founder of the Terrorist @NRA in 1977 – HARLAN CARTER

  • Shot & killed a 15-year-old boy
  • Later denied the shooting
  • Led “Operation Wetback”
  • Said convicted felons & mentally ill should be allowed to buy guns as “a price we pay for freedom”

He created the extremist NRA of today, pushing lax laws causing 1000s of deaths.

It’s time to reclassify the NRA as a terrorist organization.

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TAKE ACTION – How YOU Can Push For The ” Big Ten” Gun Safety Measures



The only way our laws will change is if people like YOU put pressure on our politicians in the U.S. Congress and State Senates.

Follow these simple steps:

Step 1) Find out who your US Senators and Representative are at

Step 2) Find out who your State Senator is from the State Senate website in your state.

Step 3) If possible, coordinate with your neighbors and friends in the area and all make contact on the same day or in the same week.

Step 4) Call, email and/or write to each of your representatives and ask which of the “Big Ten” gun safety measures they support:

  1. Do you support universal background checks, including in private sales? If not, why not?
  2. Do you support an assault weapons ban? If not, why not?
  3. Do you support mandatory child safety locks on all guns? If not, why not?
  4. Do you support mandatory safe gun storage laws, particularly if a household contains a minor or person adjudicated mentally ill? If not, why not?
  5. Do you support repealing the 2005 Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, which prevents victims from holding the gun industry to account? If not, why not?
  6. Do you support limiting magazine sizes to ensure law enforcement are not outgunned? If not, why not?
  7. Do you support mandatory duty of states to report persons with mental health issues to the Federal background check system? If not, why not?
  8. Do you support mandatory liability insurance for all gun owners? If not, why not?
  9. Do you support mandatory reporting by gun owners of lost or stolen guns? If not, why not?
  10. Do you support Smart Gun technology to ensure only approved adults can fire a weapon, as soon as the technology is state-of-the-art? If not, why not?

Step 5) Note down the answers you receive, share them with people in your area and, if possible, publish them to the web. Use #gunsense if posting to Twitter.

Step 6) Attend in-person meetings with your representatives and demand that they support these commonsense gun safety measures.

Thanks for reading and keep working for commonsense gun laws in America.

Every single minute you commit to this fight will prevent more Americans from experiencing that terrifying minute when gun violence erupts.


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Gun CEOS v Newtown Parents – Sandy Hook Anniversary

  • Gun CEOs boast of profits from ‘Sandy Hook bounce’
  • AT LEAST $739m+ sales surge since tragedy
  • Freedom Group, Smith & Wesson, and Sturm, Ruger proudly boast of profits
  • Each child killed at Sandy Hook = at least $36.9m to gun industry
  • Each victim killed at Sandy Hook = at least $28.4m to gun industry
  • Gun CEOs still REFUSING to proactively support gun safety laws and universal background checks

To see how these facts were determined, go to:

A very dynamic and exciting time for the industry
– James Debney, CEO, Smith & Wesson

There isn’t an industry in America that wouldn’t be thrilled and delighted to see their underlying demand grow 16% in a quarter
– Mike Fifer, CEO, Sturm, Ruger & Co

It’s inherently a dangerous product… it’s going to have a devastating effect on anything in its path“- George Kollitides, CEO, Freedom Group

I only did seven of the autopsies, the victims I had ranged from three to 11 wounds apiece
– Dr. H. Wayne Carver II, Chief Medical Officer

Liberty, of a person to own a high-powered magazine, is second to the right of my son to his life
– David Wheeler, Father of Ben

In the time it took to reload, 11 of the children were able to escape. Would my son be alive today?
– Nicole Hockley, Mother of Dylan

What happened in Newtown can happen in any town. In an instant, any mother in America can be in my shoes
– Nelba Marquez-Greene, Mother of Ana

Each child killed at Sandy Hook is worth at least $36.9m in extra sales to the Gun Industry

Isn’t it time we put children before profits?

Contact your Senator TODAY and demand commonsense gun safety laws


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Why #Gunbullies Will Fail to Silence Commonsense Gun Owners, Moms and Newtown Parents


In 2013 the extremism of #Gunbullies has hit a new high. This article reviews how they have tried to silence commonsense gun owners, Moms Demand Action, domestic abuse victims and even the Newtown parents – and why the #Gunbullies will ultimately fail.

#Gunbullies & Commonsense Gun Owners

In the December 2013 issue of Guns & Ammo magazine sanity and #gunsense broke out as Dick Metcalf wrote a column entitled “Let’s Talk Limits“. He was promptly fired along with the Editor of Guns & Ammo, after gun extremists attacked the publisher for daring to print a piece that promoted a commonsense conversation about gun safety. Continue reading

Triple Murder – Killed – Thomas James Burton (Ingot, CA)


Michael Cass Forsyth, 57, and Thomas James Burton, 65, both of Ingot, were found shot to death in separate buildings that had been set on fire at Ingot Auto Dismantlers located on Highway 299, according to Sheriff’s investigators.

The fire, reported at 5:47 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 27 burned a home and a travel trailer, firefighters said.

On Thursday the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office released the cause of death of two people they said have been murdered.

Captain John Hubbard with the sheriff’s office said 57-year-old Michael Cass Forsyth and 65-year-old Thomas James Burton died from gunshot wounds.

Autopsies on their bodies were conducted in Yolo County on Tuesday, Oct. 25.

The case is actively being investigated as a homicide.

On Friday, Oct. 25 at 6:05 p.m. Shasta County Sheriff’s deputies responded to the Ingot Auto Dismantlers to a fire with two fatalities.

The fire burned a home and a travel trailer on the auto dismantler’s property.

A Sheriff’s sergeant on the scene the night of the fire said the bodies of the victims were discovered in two separate structures.

Investigators say there’s a connection between the killing and burning of two men in Ingot, and a body found in the back of a burning truck near Millville.

33-year-old Joshua Reid McCormick and 32-year-old Rebecca June Wilson are charged with murdering two people in Ingot October, 2013.

Both McCormick and Wilson are eligible for the death penalty if their charges are enhanced.

In a connected case, McCormick and 32-year-old Byron Lee Willis are charged with killing another man in Redding, back in November, 2013.

The man they are accused of killing, 31-year-old Eric Richard Ratledge, was present at the first murder in Ingot, according to the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office.

Shasta County investigators said McCormick and Wilson shot and killed 65-year-old Thomas James Burton and 57-year-old Michael Cass Forsyth on Oct. 25, 2013 in Ingot, then put their bodies in a home they later set on fire.

Both men were killed with a shotgun stolen from the property.

Shasta County Sheriff’s Department Captain John Hubbard said McCormick admitted to being the trigger-man.

“In interviewing Joshua McCormick, he admitted he was the trigger-man, [using] a shotgun he stole from the premises,” said Hubbard.

Hubbard also said that the reason Forsyth was killed was because McCormick said “he could identify him.”

The incident was classified as a robbery, with a number of traceable items missing from the property.

Eric Ratledge was there, and witnessed the whole thing.

Less than two weeks later, Sunday, Nov. 3, around 7 a.m.; CAL FIRE responds to reports of a grass fire on the 8800 block of Bass Pond Drive in Millville.

There firefighters found a pickup truck engulfed in flames. While extinguishing the fire, they found human remains later identified as Ratledge.

Ratledge was shot at least once and determined to be the victim of homicide.
While detectives followed up on leads surrounding Ratledge’s death, they found stolen property from the home in Ingot where the two men were murdered.

On Nov. 26, 2013, McCormick was arrested by detectives on outstanding warrants.

Willis was arrested almost a month later, on Dec. 18, 2013, on unrelated charges at his home.

All three victims had suffered gunshot wounds before the areas their bodies were found in were set on fire, the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office said.

A Shasta County man pleaded guilty to three counts of first-degree murder and one count of first-degree attempted murder in Shasta County Superior Court this morning.

Joshua McCormick had been charged with three counts of first-degree murder for the deaths of 57-year-old Michael Cass Forsyth and 65-year-old Tomas James Burton. The two men were found shot to death and set on fire at the Ingot Auto Dismantlers on October 25, 2013.

The third murder charge was for the death of 31-year-old Eric Richard Ratledge whose body was found shot and burned in the back of a pickup truck on Bass Pond Drive in Millville on November 3, 2013.

McCormick’s fourth charge of attempted murder was from an attempt to strangle his jail cell mate.

McCormick’s plea was in exchange for a 150-year-to-life-sentence. He is scheduled to be sentenced on May 23.

Killed – Mario Braxton (Cleveland, OH)


A Cleveland man was shot three times on Cleveland’s east side Wednesday night.

The victim, identified as Mario Braxton, was on East 92nd Street and Superior Avenue when he was shot around 8 p.m.

When cops arrived, the 18-year-old was lying in the street.

Braxton was transported by EMS to MetroHealth, where he died.

The suspect wanted in this case is Mitchell M. Taylor Jr. Taylor is a 19 year old black male who is 5’9” tall, weighs 200 pounds with brown eyes and black hair. This suspect should be considered armed and dangerous. Taylor also goes by the names “Mickey” or “Marcus Drive”.

George and Taylor are also awaiting trial in Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court on Aggravated Murder charges in the death of Brian Montgomery near East 88th Street and Superior Avenue in September of last year.

Authorities believe this shooting was in retaliation for the 2013 slaying of Cutthroats gang member Mario (Rio) Braxton, and that George and Taylor actually meant to kill Montgomery’s son Brandon, who was wounded in the attack.