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Killed – Winford Watkins (Weatherford, TX)

Winford Watkins

The Parker County Sheriff’s Department said deputies shot and killed an armed fugitive early Tuesday during an standoff at a home in rural Weatherford.

The fugitive, 44-year-old Winford Watkins, of Garland, eluded a large manhunt Monday, but was found early Tuesday inside a home on Cindy Lane that police had searched previously.

Parker County Sheriff Larry Fowler said deputies thought Watkins was hiding in the unoccupied house all night long, but they had never made contact with him.

Fowler said deputies were stationed inside the home throughout the night, waiting for Watkins. Deputies used tear gas inside the home to try to flush him out, however a thick layer of insulation in the attic hindered that method.

Fowler said Watkins came down a ladder from the attic crawl space at about 5:30 a.m. Tuesday.

“He came down without saying a word, just slithered out of that crawl space, and pointed his gun at us,” Fowler said. “He was trying to get a shot off. He didn’t. We did.”

Fowler confirmed that Watkins was killed by the gunfire from deputies. Initially it was unclear whether the suspect was alive as he retreated into the bathroom and shut the door.

Law enforcement officials found Watkins deceased in the bathroom with a handgun under his leg.

What began as a routine traffic stop around 1:30 p.m. Monday on Midway Road between Azle and Springtown has ended in the death of a man who was destined for prison but didn’t want to go.

During the traffic stop, Parker County Sheriff Larry Fowler said Winford Raynard Watkins, 44, of Garland, waved a stack of papers that appeared to have a gun hidden inside. Then Watkins pulled a lug wrench out of the vehicle he was driving and began beating the deputy’s patrol unit with it. The deputy fired at least two shots at Watkins, who jumped into his vehicle and sped off, leaving a woman believed to be his wife in the roadway. The deputy reported to Fowler that Watkins continually screamed “I’m not going back,” during the traffic stop.

Watkins, now chased by a second deputy, sped up Midway Road to the end Cindy Lane, where he bailed out of the vehicle and fled on foot headed west. The ensuing manhunt lasted all night with Texas Department of Public Safety troopers, Azle police, Springtown police, Parker County SWAT, canine units and a helicopter all participating in the search effort.

Meanwhile, Dawn Charlene Watkins, 46, of Weatherford, believed to be Watkins’ wife, provided information to investigators about Watkins. She was subsequently arrested for Carrollton PD warrants for possession of drug paraphernalia and theft.

Overnight, officers kept a perimeter around the house, and sometime after 5 a.m., Watkins made his move.

“About 5:20 this morning he dropped down out of the ceiling and engaged the deputies,” Fowler said. “He had some type of handgun pointed at the deputies and they opened fire. He was hit in the chest and he is deceased.”

After the shooting, Fowler said, Watkins crawled into a bathroom. Officers put a pole camera through the bathroom window to see if Watkins was alive. He appeared to be unconscious, and when police entered the residence, they found Watkins deceased.–227819521.html

Killed – Shannon R. Spencer (Huber Heights, OH)


police officer in Huber Heights has been identified.

Police said Shannon R. Spencer, 39, died after the officer fired shots in an incident at Spencer’s home Monday night.

The man made “suicide by cop” threats before exiting the home carrying a gun and refusing to disarm himself at the urging of officers.

Officers subsequently shot the man, who was pronounced dead at the scene shortly after.
Huber Heights police were initially called to the residence in the 4000 block of Paletz Court on the report of a domestic violence case involving a weapon.

An adult female told officers she had fled the home on Paletz with her three children after her husband, who was intoxicated inside with a firearm, had made threats to harm himself.

Police secured a perimeter around the home and called in assistance from the Huber Heights Police Department’s Regional Emergency Response Team.

Authorities were able to communicate with Spencer through a window of the home and by telephone and negotiators worked to get him to come out. At this time Spencer made “suicide by cop” threats to the officers who were communicating with him, police said.

Spencer eventually exited the home at the front door carrying a firearm and police urged him to put the gun down, but he refused to listen to police orders. A Huber Heights officer fired at least one shot.

Spencer died from the shots fired by the Huber Heights officer. Police at this time have not released how many rounds were fired at the suspect.

A Montgomery County coroner’s investigator arrived at the scene of the shooting at about 11:45 p.m.

Killed – Andrew Aldrich (Anderson County, SC)


ANDERSON — An Anderson County sheriff’s deputy has shot and killed a man after a domestic dispute.

Sheriff John Skipper says officers were called around 8 p.m. Monday and a woman told them the dispute involved a man in the house. The sheriff said at least five people were in the home.

Skipper said one deputy entered the home while other was talking with the woman. Skipper said a man was holding something and refused the deputy’s instruction to drop it.

They became involved in a scuffle. The sheriff said the officer’s Taser fell to the ground and the man grabbed it and pointed it at the deputy, who then fired his gun.

Twenty-four-year-old Andrew Aldrich of Anderson was shot to death.

Aldrich’s girlfriend, Marina Wooten, said she was at the home with the couple’s 1-year old baby and witnessed what happened. She said the call she made to 911 was a mistake and Aldrich was acting compliant.

Wooten said a deputy shot Aldrich with a taser, and he fell to the ground. She said Aldrich then said “I quit, I quit” before he was shot.

According to Skipper, Aldrich got control of a deputy’s Taser during the altercation.

Aldrich also had one of the deputies in a headlock when the other deputy shot and killed him, said Skipper.

Skipper said one deputy entered the home while other was talking with the woman. Skipper said a man was holding something and refused the deputy’s instruction to drop it.

They became involved in a scuffle. The sheriff said the officer’s Taser fell to the ground and the man grabbed it and pointed it at the deputy, who then fired his gun.

Killed – Jacob Westberg (Sioux Falls, SD)

Jacob Westberg

SIOUX FALLS, SD – Police shot and killed a Sioux Falls man after he came out of a house and pointed a gun at officers Monday evening. Police were called to the scene because the man was suicidal and there were reports of gunshots in the house.
Family members of Jacob Westberg call the shooting unjustified and they want answers.

The family of Jacob Westberg, who friends call JD, says he was having problems with his ex-girlfriend and their young daughter. But they feel Sioux Falls police messed up.

“This was uncalled for, uncalled for,” Jacob’s mother Wendy Westberg said. “His ex-girlfriend kept him calm most of the day until she kept calling him and they finally told her to stop calling him.”

“He told these guys he didn’t want to hurt anybody; that he needed somebody to talk to,” Jacob’s father Gary Westberg said.

That somebody, they insist, could have been JD’s brother, Matt, who arrived on the scene shortly after police.

“I tried talking to him and tried telling officers that, ‘I can get him and calm him down. And let me go talk to him,’ and they just pushed me aside. They didn’t give me a chance,” Matt Westberg said.

“For them to go in there guns drawn was absolutely unnecessary,” Gary said. “What needed to be done was to back off. Give him a little space. Everybody relax a little bit and to readjust; assess the situation. They did not do that.”

On 10-14-13 at approximately 5:03 PM, SFPD Dispatch or Metro received a 911 call from Jacob
Westberg’s mother. She advised Metro that her son, Jacob Daniel Westberg, was threatening
suicide with a gun. Jacob was reported to be alone at his home in Sioux Falls. She obtained this
information from Jacob’s ex-girlfriend. The ex-girlfriend had been in contact with Jacob on
10/14/13 and relayed the information to his mother. Mom then informed Metro dispatch that
Jacob had a weapon and the potential to become violent. Officers from the Sioux Falls Police
Department were subsequently dispatched to Jacob’s home at approximately 5:06 PM on 10-

The initial responding officers along with members of the Minnehaha County Sheriff’s Office,
who responded to assist began to arrive on scene at approximately 5:11 PM. Some of the
responding patrol officers were also members of the SFPD SWAT team and the Minnehaha
County Sheriff’s Office SWAT team. This included SFPD Officer Andrew Siebenborn along with
Minnehaha County SO Deputy Sergeant Preston Evans who is a member of the Crisis
Negotiation Unit.

Jacob’s mother had also received a text message on her cell phone from Jacob along with other
family members. The complete text message was unclear but appeared to be some type of
goodbye letter. Jacob was reported to be upset as his ex-girlfriend had no longer wanted to be
in a relationship with him. She also took care of their young daughter. Jacob’s mother further
advised Metro dispatch of at least three weapons in the home that she was aware of. As more
information became available, multiple officers continued to be dispatched to the scene along
with deputies from the Minnehaha County SO.

At approximately 5:15 PM, Jacob’s mother received information from the ex-girlfriend that Jacob
had placed a gun in his mouth and also told Jacob’s mother that he said goodbye to her. At this
point he then disconnected their phone conversation. Officers began safety and evacuation

At approximately 5:45 PM, officers on scene heard what sounded like a gunshot come from
inside Jacob’s home. At that time, Jacob opened the door to his trailer. A long gun was visible at
his side. He then went back into the trailer and shut the door. Officers determined Jacob’s
demeanor was beginning to escalate after the display of a weapon and a fired round.

Jacob’s brother came to the scene in an attempt to speak with Jacob to de-escalate the
developing situation. For obvious safety reasons and the potential danger, officers did not allow
him to approach Jacob’s trailer. Officers continued attempts to make contact with Jacob by
speaking to him when he came outside and by contacting him on his cell phone. Jacob’s brother provided officers with information that Jacob was in possession of multiple AR style rifles and other weapons.

At approximately 5:48 PM, the Sioux Falls PD SWAT team was called out. This included the
deployment of an armored vehicle known as a Bear Cat.

At approximately 5:56 PM, Jacob opened the door to his trailer and stood in the doorway where
negotiations were being conducted by Deputy Sergeant Evans. Present with Sgt. Evans was
Officer Andrew Siebenborn and Officer Patrick Mertes. Jacob requested to speak with his
brother when he came outside again and was cursing and yelling at officers. Sgt. Evans
continued to negotiate with Jacob before he went back into his house. Sgt. Evans was heard
asking Jacob to come outside without his weapon to talk with officers. The Minnehaha County
Sheriff’s Office SWAT Team was then called to the scene to assist.

Deputy Sgt. Evans first called Jacob on his cell phone at approximately 5:58PM. He noted that
Jacob sounded intoxicated and very distraught. Jacob was requesting that Sgt. Evan’s come
into his trailer to talk. Sgt. Evans explained he could not do that. Throughout the conversation
Jacob was told that he would be okay. Jacob voiced his concern about an outstanding
misdemeanor warrant for his arrest. Sgt. Evan’s was interrupted twice during his negotiations
with Jacob when his ex-girlfriend called Jacob. Metro dispatch contacted her and requested her
to stop calling.

At 6:06 PM Sgt. Evans called Jacob again and had a conversation with him. Jacob stated that
he was afraid he was going to be hurt by officers. Jacob was assured that there was no reason
to hurt him. Sgt. Evans was again disconnected. Several phone calls were made back to Jacob
with no answer. There were a total of 20 phone calls, two of which contact with Jacob was
made. Several conversations did occur while Jacob was visible standing inside of his trailer with
the door open.

Jacob once again invited Sgt. Evans into his trailer. Jacob promised that no one would get hurt
but the invitation was refused. Sgt. Evans told Jacob that he wanted a peaceful resolution.
At approximately 6:46 PM, Jacob came to the door wielding a long gun in his hand. Officers
took cover behind trailer homes and vehicles in the event that Jacob would open fire on them.
At that time, Officer Siebenborn requested the Bear Cat move up to their location which was
northeast of Jacob’s residence. The Bear Cat could then provide cover for officers and protect a
nearby trailer home that was occupied by a family, including children from possible gun fire.

At approximately 6:51 PM, Jacob again opened the door to his trailer and was holding a long
gun that was later found to be a shot gun in his hands. Jacob then leveled the shotgun and
pointed it at Officer Siebenborn. Officer Siebenborn fired two (2) rounds from his SWAT issued
M4 rifle in quick succession. Jacob fell to the ground after the shots were fired.

Officers were then able to use the Bear Cat to make an approach on the residence to clear it for
any other potential threats. Jacob was given medical attention for his gunshot wounds by
medics on scene. A Remington 870 Express Shotgun with a wooden stock was found at the
doorway on the ground where Jacob had fallen. Live shotgun rounds were found in the trailer as
well as one fired shotgun round. The shot gun was found to be empty with the safety on.
Jacob was transported to Sanford Hospital in Sioux Falls where he later was pronounced dead.

The Minnehaha County SO then took over the crime scene and the Division of Criminal
Investigation (DCI) was contacted to take control of the scene for processing, evidence
collection and documentation.

On 10/16/13, Officer Siebenborn told investigators that as the situation was evolving Jacob
Westberg’s demeanor was noticeably changing. The negotiations began as a conversation and
escalated to Jacob yelling and cursing at officers. Officer Siebenborn was increasingly
concerned for other officers, citizens and himself after Jacob had fired a round inside his trailer
and displayed a shotgun. Officer Siebenborn feared for his life and the lives of others when
Jacob pointed a long gun at him.

When Jacob opened the door of his residence and pointed a shotgun at Officer Siebenborn,
Officer Siebenborn fired two (2) rounds from his Colt M4 Rifle. Officer Siebenborn’s blood, urine,
weapon, uniform, a gunshot residue kit, magazine and remaining duty ammo were collected.
Twenty-eight (28) rounds should be in an officer’s 30-round magazine; Twenty-six (26) rounds
remained as two (2) had been fired. Officer Siebenborn’s blood and urine were submitted to the
South Dakota Health Lab for testing.

On 10/14/13, Deputy Sgt. Evans arrived on scene and responded to the area south of Jacob’s
trailer. There, Sgt. Evans held a perimeter position to contain the developing situation. He was
then called to assist with negotiations as a member of the Crisis Negotiations Unit. Sgt. Evans
then repositioned himself to the front of Jacob’s trailer where he began negotiations on the
phone and in person. As negotiations continued, Sgt. Evans noticed Jacob’s demeanor

Jacob had come to the front of his trailer wielding a long gun on one occasion and it appeared
as if he fired a round inside of his trailer. Sgt. Evans then observed Jacob standing in the door
way of his trailer pointing a long gun. Sgt. Evans told the other officers that Jacob had a gun.
When the Bear Cat moved near the north east of Jacob’s trailer Sgt. Evans and Officer
Siebenborn used it for cover. Sgt. Evans then heard what sounded like two gun shots which
were from Officer Siebenborn.

Killed – Glen Morrow (Ozark, AL)


Ozark, AL – A preliminary investigation into a deadly officer involved shooting indicates the officer followed proper procedure.

Ozark Police Chief Tony Spivey said Earl Morrow, 83, pulled a loaded gun on two neighbors walking down the street Monday at around 11:30 a.m.

When police arrived, Spivey said an officer told Morrow multiple times to put down the gun, but he refused.

Spivey said Morrow pointed the gun at the officer, and the officer fired back. Morrow was shot multiple times, and died from those injuries.–227914111.html

Killed – Male Teen – Shaqur McNair (Fayetteville, NC)

Shaqur McNair

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. — A Fayetteville police officer responding to a domestic disturbance call early Sunday evening shot and killed a teenager who allegedly displayed a handgun during a confrontation with the officer, the city’s police chief said.

Chief Harold Medlock told reporters late Sunday night that Officer Christopher Hunt was trying to take a woman into custody shortly after 6 p.m. when the teenager, Shaqur McNair, 16, refused to obey Hunt’s commands to back away from him.

“The young man pulled his shirt up with his left hand. There was a handgun in the waistband,” Medlock said. “The young man began to draw that handgun out, and Officer Hunt fired at least three rounds.”

McNair was taken to Cape Fear Valley Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead.

Criminal charges will not be filed in an officer-involved shooting that killed a Fayetteville teen last year.

Cumberland County District Attorney Billy West released conclusions from the state investigation on Friday morning. You can read the report details here.

The report delves into witness statements and evidence from the October 2013 shooting death of Shaqur McNair. The 16-year-old was shot and killed by 27-year-old Fayetteville Police Officer Christopher Hunt. Hunt said he used deadly force when the teen began to pull a handgun on him. Some witnesses say the teen was unarmed.

The shooting happened in the middle of a chaotic domestic dispute call, involving McNair’s older brother, Algeria. Much of the state’s report relies on the elder McNair’s account of the incident. In the report, Algeria McNair is said to have told Officer Hunt that his brother was headed into a house to retrieve a handgun. Hunt said McNair used that gun to threaten him.

Since the shooting, several witnesses, including a 911 caller, have said the teen was unarmed. Multiple witnesses in the report support Hunt’s narrative of the events, and say the teen had a handgun.

West said forensics were not run on the handgun alleged to have been in McNair’s possession

A Fayetteville police officer who fatally shot a 16-year-old a year ago will not face criminal charges, District Attorney Billy West said Friday.

Officer Christopher Hunt was justified in shooting Shaqur McNair on Oct. 13, 2013, West said after reviewing the findings of a State Bureau of Investigation probe.

Double Shooting – Killed – Brandon Devone Smith (Wrightsboro, NC)

Brandon Devone Smith

Brandon Smith’s sister is speaking out about her brother’s shooting death Sunday. She said law enforcement acted too quickly when they shot and killed Brandon.

“I don’t think it’s right or fair of the measures they took today,” said Georgia Smith. “I mean they didn’t even give him a chance to do anything. All didn’t even give him a chance. He didn’t get to do anything.”

A woman who said she is Brandon Smith’s estranged wife is also upset over the murder of the man she said she loved. Lindsey Smith said she hadn’t spoken to Brandon Smith in years, but disagreed with the way he was killed. She said that she believes Brandon was the victim of racial profiling and murder.

“Just because you’re the law, does not mean you can take the law into your own hands and kill people,” said Smith. “You were supposed to go out and apprehend him for whatever investigation or whatever he was involved in. You wasn’t supposed to go out and gun him down and kill him.”

The twisted trail of violence that began Thursday in Creekwood with a man shooting and wounding a detective and ended Sunday in Wrightsboro with the accused shooter dead took another sharp turn Monday.

The estranged wife of Brandon Devone Smith, the man accused of shooting a New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office detective, on Monday accused sheriff’s deputies of murdering her husband.

Smith, 30, was shot dead Sunday in a wooded area off a dead-end street after a car chase involving sheriff’s office detectives and multiple law enforcement officers.

“They shot him down,” Lindsey Smith said. “My husband was murdered and the law is not supposed to take it in their own hands.”

Law enforcement officers were “absolutely justified” in shooting and killing a man – later found to be unarmed – who was suspected of shooting and wounding a New Hanover County sheriff’s detective last month, District Attorney Ben David said Friday.

Brandon Davone Smith, 30, was accused of wounding Detective Michael Spencer on Oct. 10 in the Creekwood public housing development. Spencer is recovering.

Smith was killed Oct. 13 by law enforcement officers after a car chase and a foot pursuit that ended in a wooded area of Wrightsboro. David based his statement on results of an investigation into the shooting death conducted by the N.C. State Bureau of Investigation.

Assistant District Attorney Tom Old, who was part of the DA’s “officer shooting review team,” said officers fired on Smith when he reached for and pointed at them a dark object that later was found to be a cell phone. While no gun was found on Smith, a man who had been in a car with him minutes before told police Smith had a dark-colored handgun in the waistband of his pants.

At a Friday morning news conference, Old said three officers – two New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office deputies and an agent with the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives – fired at Smith when he refused to show his hands as ordered.

Smith was shot and killed by law enforcement around 4 p.m. October 13. Officials say Smith was responsible for shooting a detective a few days prior in the Creekwood community.

Thursday, Oct. 10, 2013

According to Old, a deputy with NHCSO and an officer with WPD were on patrol in Creekwood when they saw a suspicious vehicle with out-of-state plates. They saw it again and pulled it over on Emory Street.

The two people inside the vehicle, one of whom was Smith, ran in two different directions. Officers approached Smith and asked to speak with him, but Smith continued running and ducked behind a trash can.

Without warning, Old said Smith pulled a handgun and fired at the deputy who was standing about 10-15 yards away and then fired at the WPD officer. Smith ran away when the officer returned fire.

According to Old, the WPD officer said with 100% certainty that Smith was the person who shot at the officers.

Law enforcement said they made several attempts to contact Smith and his family members to urge him to turn himself in. Smith, however, made it clear he was not going to and did not want to go back to prison, according to Old, so officers began patrolling Princess Place Drive.

Sunday, Oct. 13, 2013

Old explained deputies spotted Smith leaving a residence on Princess Place Drive October 13 and reported he got into the passenger seat of a Chevy Impala.

A number of marked and unmarked deputies and officers responded to the report to back up the sergeant who called it in. They followed the car with emergency lights and sirens, but the car didn’t stop. Instead, the vehicle sped up until it reached a dead end.

At that point, officials said Vincent Joyner got out of the car and ran away, while Smith ran into a wooded area. Joyner was arrested, but several law enforcement officers followed after Smith.

A deputy with the Sheriff’s Office knew of a short cut, from a prior incident in the area, and alerted two others to “Go left! Go left! There’s a trail!” The officers followed and ended up in a yard with no cover that bordered the woods. All three officers stopped running and were about 30 feet away from a ditch.

Old said the officers looked around and found Smith, who was lying on the ground. The officers told Smith to “show me your hands” repeatedly. According to Old, Smith sat up but didn’t show his hands.

Officers then pointed their guns at Smith and continued yelling at him to “show me your hands.” Smith started to reach for something in his waistband and officers said it looked like he was trying to pull out an object that appeared to be stuck.

Eventually, Smith was able to unhinge the object and started to point what officers said was a dark object at law enforcement, so all three officers began to fire.

According David, Smith was shot at two dozen times in less than three seconds. Nine bullets hit Smith, three grazed him and 12 missed.

A detective went to handcuff Smith, who was pronounced dead within three minutes. Officials only found a cell phone, a dreadlock wig and $320.

Officials said Friday that Joyner told them Smith had shown a handgun while they were riding in the car together just before the shooting.