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Killed – Rosa Elvira Flores-Lopez (Port Arthur, TX)

Rosa Elvira Flores-Lopez1

A spokesperson for the Port Arthur Police Department has identified two officers involved in an incident in which a suspect was fatally shot. The spokesperson has also identified the suspect who was killed.

According to a news release issued Friday afternoon, Officers Kacey Frank and Donald Suarez have been placed on administrative leave after Rosa Elvira Flores-Lopez, 50, of Port Arthur, was shot to death during a family disturbance call.

The incident happened around 8:30 a.m. Friday at a home located at 3818 29th Street in Port Arthur where officers were called to a family disturbance.

A police spokesperson said the officers repeatedly told Flores-Lopez to drop the knife. Officers used a Taser on her, but it did not stop her. The officers said Flores-Lopez raised and extended the knife, threatening the officers.

According to the news release, it was at this point that Officer Frank fired a single shot from her service weapon, striking Flores-Lopez in the arm holding the knife. The bullet penetrated to her chest area causing a fatal wound.

Killed – Thomas Ardd (Clarke County, MS)


larke County, Miss. One person is dead following a chase and shooting early Friday in Clarke County. It happened around 3:55 a.m. on Interstate 59 near the North Enterprise exit.

According to emergency responders, the incident started with a high speed chase that involved Meridian police attempting to stop a driver on North Frontage Road on suspicion of DUI.

According to the spokesperson for the Meridian Police Department, Lt. John Griffith, the driver of the vehicle refused to stop and a pursuit ensued onto Interstate 20/59 South into the northern part of Clarke County.

Griffith says the driver lost control of his vehicle, it began to spin out of control and the driver regained control. After that he says the suspect drove toward a police vehicle hitting it head-on. He says the driver then exited his vehicle and pointed a gun at officers.

After refusing to drop the gun, Griffith says the suspect was shot. He was pronounced dead at the scene; no officers were hurt.

According to the Clarke County coroner, the victim’s next of kin has been notified. He’s identified as 44-year-old Thomas Ardd from Meridian.

Killed – Carlos Saenz (Los Angeles, CA)


Los Angeles County coroner’s officials have identified a man who was killed last week after engaging authorities in a four-hour pursuit and standoff before the episode ended in gunfire in Paramount.

Carlos Saenz, 27, was shot and killed during a deadly confrontation with authorities shortly after 3 a.m. Friday in the 7400 block of Jackson Street, according to the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department.

According to KTLA-TV, the shooting started about four hours after the chase began. Saenz allegedly led officers on the 91 and 710 freeways before moving to surface streets and into Paramount.

He finally crashed into a tree, and KTLA reported that he refused to get out of the car for some time.

Killed – Eric C. Auxier (Amazonia, MO)

Eric C. Auxier1

A 28-year-old Gower man was fatally shot by a sheriff’s deputy whose patrol vehicle he had rammed, authorities said.

A Buchanan County Sheriff’s Office deputy shot Eric C. Auxier after the patrol vehicle was rammed during a chase and a second deputy was injured during the crash, according to a news release from the Missouri Highway Patrol, which is conducting the investigation.

The injured deputy was taken to an area hospital where he was treated and released.

Two passengers were in the vehicle. They were questioned and later released.

Buchanan County Sheriff Mike Strong said deputies began following Auxier in the St. Joseph area because of a “violation” that Strong declined to specify.

“It involved a violation that was a significant danger to several people in the area,” he said. “We’ll just leave at that.”

The Andrew County Sheriff’s Office became involved during the chase, which was ended for a time after it crossed into populated areas. The chase span two counties and ended in Amazonia, MO, when Auxier traveled north on County Road 373 near K Highway. Amazonia is just north of St. Joseph.

“This involved somebody who was not compliant, somebody who took this to a level we wish it wouldn’t have went to,” Strong said. “But it was a violent act with unfortunate repercussions.”

Once deputies thought they had Auxier stopped, he rammed the patrol car, Strong said.

“A violent act happened after the vehicle was stopped, which ignited this chain of events, which included one of our deputies being hurt and led to the rest of the actions that happened,” Strong said.

(SAVANNAH, Mo.) Andrew County prosecutor Steven Stevenson has charged a St. Joseph woman for her involvement in an incident that led to a suspect being fatally shot by a Buchanan County deputy.

Brittany Anderson, 24, is charged with third-degree assault of a law enforcement officer and second-degree property damage.

According to a probable cause statement, Anderson spit in the face of Andrew County deputy Chris Anderson and damaged a window in the deputy’s vehicle.

The court document also reveals some new details about what happened near Amazonia on Halloween night.

Deputy Anderson states he arrived on the scene just before 11 p.m. after the Andrew County Sheriff’s Office received information of a pursuit that eneded on County Road 373 near State Route T in Amazonia. Andrew County deputies also received information of shots fired and injuries.

The Andrew County Sheriff’s Department made the request after an incident Thursday night that resulted in the death of 28-year old Eric C. Auxier.

Killed – Man (Bronx, NY)


Police shot and killed a man who allegedly opened fire on them when they responded to a report of a shooting at a city housing development in the Bronx Thursday night, the NYPD says.

The officers were not hurt.

Two officers were sent to the Castle Hill Houses at about 11 p.m., the department says. When they got there, they found a man who looked like a suspect described in the 911 call walking near a playground.

Police say the suspect opened fire at the officers and fled, running down Randall and Olmstead avenues. Officers chased him and a second round of shots was fired; it wasn’t clear if the suspect fired shots that time.

The suspect, who was later determined to be 26 years old, was shot and killed. He was pronounced dead at the scene, police say. His name hasn’t been released.

Police recovered a .45-caliber handgun at the scene.

Triple Shooting – Killed – Arthur Page (Beaufort, NC)


Police have identified two police officers who shot and killed a man Thursday night in Beaufort.

Police Chief Steve Lewis says Detective Eric Sassano and Patrolman Brian Willis remain on administrative leave pending the conclusion of the SBI investigation into the shooting that killed Arthur Page.

Page was shot dead by the two officers as the man was reloading a shotgun, aimed at his sister, according to the chief. Lewis says the man refused multiple demands by the officers to put the weapon down.

Lewis says it started out as a domestic altercation at Susan Salazar’s home. The woman ran to a neighbor’s home, and the chief says her brother followed her. At the neighbor’s home McArthur Wright and Salazar would wounded.

Sassano has been with Beaufort for the past six and a half years, while Willis has been on the force for two years.

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New information tonight in the shooting from Beaufort in Carteret County where

Beaufort Police have released the 911 call made by the wife of a man shot Thursday evening in his home after his neighbor ran there for help. Police say they shot and killed the suspect after he shot his own sister and a neighbor.

Caller: “In the name of Jesus please stop.”

911: “Ma’am can you talk with me please?”

Caller: “I am ma’am. My husband has been shot. I can’t even go out there. This man has a gun. He’s beating up his sister. I don’t know if he’s going to try and break through and kill me.”

Beaufort Police Chief Steve Lewis says Arthur Page was shot dead by 2 of his officers as the man was reloading a shotgun aimed at his sister. Lewis says the man refused multiple demands by the officers to put the weapon down.

Chief Lewis says it started out as a domestic altercation at Susan Salazar’s home on Rutledge Avenue. She ran to a neighbor’s home, and the chief says her brother followed her. The chief says Page shot through the front door of the home wounding McArthur Wright. At some point, Chief Lewis says Page also shot his sister.

Salazar was released from the hospital while Wright ended up being transferred to Vidant Medical Center in Greenville. The officers involved are on administrative leave, which is standard procedure, while the investigation continues.

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Police say a man who shot another man in his neighborhood was shot and killed by police overnight in Carteret County.

Beaufort Police Chief Steve Lewis told WITN’s Carly Swain that a man who was staying at 203 Rutledge Avenue shot a person at 202 Rutledge at 10:24 p.m. Thursday. Police responded to the shooting, and while the details about what exactly happened next have not been released, we are told one officer shot the alleged shooter.

Chief Lewis says two people were injured in 202 Rutledge and taken to the hospital. Their names and conditions have not been released.

As is protocol in shooting cases, the officer is on administrative leave and the SBI will investigate. The Carteret County Sheriff’s Office will also investigate.

Authorities have identified the deceased man as Arthur Page, 51, of Durham. Mr. Page was shot dead by two town officers as the man was reloading his shotgun. The officers’ names have not been released.

Injured were a neighbor, McArthur Wright, 48, and Mr. Page’s sister, Susan Salazar, 63, who the brother attacked in a domestic situation.

Mr. Wright was medevacked to Vidant Medical Center in Greenville, where he was treated and released. Ms. Salazar was treated and released at Carteret General Hospital.

Police have not said what prompted the brother’s actions.

During a Friday morning news conference in the train depot, Police Chief Steve Lewis gave some details of the shootings that occurred on Rutledge Avenue, a residential subdivision at the north end of town.

The SBI is investigating, a protocol in an officer-involved shooting.

Flanked by Sheriff Asa Buck, Chief Lewis praised his men’s efforts. “They saved a woman’s life,” Chief Lewis said about his officers. “And only an hour before the incident, there was more than a 100 children trick-or-treating along the street. It was fortunate nobody else was hurt.”

Chief Lewis said a domestic situation between the brother and sister started at Ms. Salazar’s home at 203 Rutledge Ave. Ms. Salazar ran to Mr. Wright’s home at 202 Rutledge Ave. Mr. Wright let Ms. Salazar into his house. Mr. Page followed his sister and went to the front door of Mr. Wright’s house and fired a shotgun blast through the closed front door, wounding Mr. Wright in the upper torso. He fled the house prior to officers arriving.

The officers were dispatched by the County 911 Center at 10:20 p.m. They arrived two minutes after being dispatched and approached the 202 Rutledge residence with their arms drawn.
When they went through the front door of the house, which was open, the officers found Ms. Salazaar and Mr. Page, who was in the process of loading a shotgun.

Mr. Page refused repeated demands by the officers to put the weapon down, and began to raise the barrel in the direction of his sister when he was shot dead by the two officers, according to Chief Lewis.

BEAUFORT — Two town police officers who shot and killed a man Halloween night as he reloaded his shotgun in an attempt to shoot his sister were justified in using lethal force, District Attorney Scott Thomas announced Thursday.

According to the district attorney, Detective Eric J. Sassano, 29, and Officer Brian C. Willis, 26, were justified in shooting and killing Arthur Freeman Page Jr., 60, of Raleigh, in an Oct. 31 incident on Rutledge Avenue.

The wife of a man shot inside his Beaufort home made a frantic call to 911 Thursday night. NewsChannel 12 obtained the entire call. Here’s a portion of it:

911 Dispatcher: Carteret County 911. What’s your emergency?
Caller: Please send the cops to 202 Rutledge Avenue. My husband has been shot. A man is in the house with a gun.

911 Dispatcher: Ma’am. Ma’am what’s the address?
Caller: 202 Rutledge Avenue.
911 Dispatcher: Roberts Avenue?
Caller: Rutledge Avenue. Old Beaufort Village.

Police say Arthur Page first went to 203 Rutledge Ave., where he was involved in a domestic dispute with his sister, Susan Salazar.

Salazar ran to the home of her neighbor, McArthur Wright. When Mr. Wright let her into the home, police say Page fired his shotgun through the front door, injuring both Wright and Salazar.

Wright’s wife called 911 while the shooter was still in her home.

Caller: Please stop. In the name of Jesus, please stop!

The caller went on to say: “My husband has been shot. I can’t even go out there. This man has a gun. He was beating up his sister. I don’t know if he’s gonna try to break through and kill me. Please!”

Mrs. Wright said she didn’t know if her husband was conscious.

Caller: Oh my God. I can’t even go out there to see my husband. All I heard him screaming is ouch, ouch! (screaming)
911 Dispatcher: OK. Where is that subject now?
Caller: They’re in my living room.
911 Dispatcher: He’s in your living room?
Caller: Yes! (screams)

She described how Page allegedly attacked his sister.

Caller: I guess she came to the house, running away from her brother.
911 Dispatcher: Where is she right now?
Caller: I don’t know. He just shot five times.
Caller: The lady told me that my husband was shot. Her brother had the gun.

Seven minutes into the call, Mrs. Wright told the dispatcher that she was hiding in the bathroom closet. More than nine minutes into the call, the dispatcher told Mrs. Wright that officers were outside and trying to secure the scene. Seconds later, Mrs. Wright whispered that someone was trying to break down her door. The call ended with a police officer asking Mrs. Wright to “show (her) hands” and confirm her identity.

Killed – Johnny W. Howell (Taylor County, GA)


About 5 p.m. on October 31, three deputies responded to a 911 call from residents on Old Wire Road who said a man, later identified as John Wayne Howell, was acting “erratically” and was threatening people with a machete.

When deputies arrived, they tried to get Howell to drop the machete and a fight ensued while trying to get him under control. Howell advanced on one deputy, who tripped while trying to back away. When the officer went down, Howell raised the machete and swung, but missed. Then the other two deputies both fatally shot Howell. [2]

2013-10-31 Howell, John Wayne (57) Georgia (Taylor County),_October_2013