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5 #Gunsense New Year Resolutions for 2014

Some of you reading this will have been fighting for #gunsense and commonsense gun laws for some time. Some will have just joined the fight. Welcome to everyone.

Some of you will have always been ‘political’. For some of you this will be the first time you’re getting directly involved in a political movement. We are all cynical about politicians and Congress, but something has made you take that decision to say “I MUST ACT”.

Perhaps the 6-year-olds murdered at Newtown was your defining moment. Perhaps you or a loved one have been directly affected by gun violence. Perhaps you are fed up with people telling you that thousands and thousands of Americans dying each year is just “collateral damage” and a “new normal”. Perhaps you are a gun owner who knows that commonsense regulation is needed and are fed up with the NRA’s extremist stance.

You are right not to accept this situation. You are right to no longer stay silent. You are right to take action. You are right to push your politicians.

Without you, the field is left to the special interests and lobbying firms of the gun industry.

Without you, the field is left to those who spread misinformation, fear and paranoia with the sole purpose of making more money from selling guns to whomever they can get away with.

Without you, more children and teenagers will die needlessly.

Without you, more children will cower in lockdown bathrooms, terrified as they cram themselves in during a living nightmare.

Without you, more women will be subjected to deadly domestic abuse.

Without you, America will continue to head to a very dark place.

But with you, things CAN and WILL change for the better.

Make 2014 the year when you take real and meaningful action.

Here are 5 #Gunsense New Year Resolutions – how many can you commit to and follow through on?

  1. I will contact my Senator(s) and State Senator(s) at least THREE times this year and demand that they support commonsense gun laws (such as the “Big Ten”).
  2. I will engage at least THREE friends or family members who currently do not support commonsense gun laws but who I think can be persuaded when given the facts.
  3. I will make a financial contribution in 2014 to an organization lobbying for commonsense gun laws (Unfortunately money really does matter when pushing politicians).
  4. If I have children, I will ask THREE fellow families if they have guns in the home and, if so, how they are stored.
  5. I will encourage at least FIVE friends or acquaintances to take meaningful action in 2014 (either by telling them about my actions or sharing these #gunsense resolutions).

These resolutions are all real and effective steps you can take this year to Continue reading

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Gun CEOS v Newtown Parents – Sandy Hook Anniversary

  • Gun CEOs boast of profits from ‘Sandy Hook bounce’
  • AT LEAST $739m+ sales surge since tragedy
  • Freedom Group, Smith & Wesson, and Sturm, Ruger proudly boast of profits
  • Each child killed at Sandy Hook = at least $36.9m to gun industry
  • Each victim killed at Sandy Hook = at least $28.4m to gun industry
  • Gun CEOs still REFUSING to proactively support gun safety laws and universal background checks

To see how these facts were determined, go to: http://bit.ly/1jZ6n0m

A very dynamic and exciting time for the industry
- James Debney, CEO, Smith & Wesson

There isn’t an industry in America that wouldn’t be thrilled and delighted to see their underlying demand grow 16% in a quarter
- Mike Fifer, CEO, Sturm, Ruger & Co

It’s inherently a dangerous product… it’s going to have a devastating effect on anything in its path“- George Kollitides, CEO, Freedom Group

I only did seven of the autopsies, the victims I had ranged from three to 11 wounds apiece
- Dr. H. Wayne Carver II, Chief Medical Officer

Liberty, of a person to own a high-powered magazine, is second to the right of my son to his life
- David Wheeler, Father of Ben

In the time it took to reload, 11 of the children were able to escape. Would my son be alive today?
- Nicole Hockley, Mother of Dylan

What happened in Newtown can happen in any town. In an instant, any mother in America can be in my shoes
- Nelba Marquez-Greene, Mother of Ana

Each child killed at Sandy Hook is worth at least $36.9m in extra sales to the Gun Industry

Isn’t it time we put children before profits?

Contact your Senator TODAY and demand commonsense gun safety laws


Follow @usgunviolence6


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Why #Gunbullies Will Fail to Silence Commonsense Gun Owners, Moms and Newtown Parents


In 2013 the extremism of #Gunbullies has hit a new high. This article reviews how they have tried to silence commonsense gun owners, Moms Demand Action, domestic abuse victims and even the Newtown parents – and why the #Gunbullies will ultimately fail.

#Gunbullies & Commonsense Gun Owners

In the December 2013 issue of Guns & Ammo magazine sanity and #gunsense broke out as Dick Metcalf wrote a column entitled “Let’s Talk Limits“. He was promptly fired along with the Editor of Guns & Ammo, after gun extremists attacked the publisher for daring to print a piece that promoted a commonsense conversation about gun safety. Continue reading

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  • SHOT IN THE USA: GUN VIOLENCE IN 2013” launched in January
  • The project has now published over 2,500 posts
  • Victims from January and February 2013 have been recorded so far
  • Site has received 34,500+ page views and 18,000+ visitors this year

SHOT IN THE USA: GUN VIOLENCE IN 2013” aims to log every victim of gun violence in the US in 2013, simply listing who they were (ideally with a photo), what happened and where. The project was launched in January 2013.

There are two reasons it was started. First, the sheer volume of violence combined with the local nature of our news coverage means it is too easy to simply ignore all the mayhem that goes on every day. People genuinely don’t know or, when they do partly know, have learned to tune it out and accept it as “normal” or the “cost of freedom”. Until we all understand the scale of the problem, it is hard to talk about solutions.

Second, the aim is to make sure the victims are front and center and we see that these are real things happening to real people. When faced with some of the actual events that are documented in this project, particularly the many that involve children and domestic violence, the hope is that everyone will start to question whether we really can just dismiss all those faces as “collateral damage”, as a price they have to pay so we can have easy access to guns.

At the start the plan foolishly was to log every time someone was shot. It quickly became apparent that there was barely time to keep up with all the people KILLED, let alone wounded. That is crazy in itself.

The sheer number of guns means that every day low-level disputes escalate into Continue reading

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  • $739m+ sales surge since tragedy
  • Freedom Group, Smith & Wesson, and Sturm, Ruger proudly boast of profits
  • Each child killed at Sandy Hook = at least $36.9m to gun industry
  • Each victim killed at Sandy Hook = at least $28.4m to gun industry

UPDATED: Figures updated to Dec 2013

To see how these facts were determined, access the original data here:


EVERY QUARTER since Newtown has seen RECORD SALES for Freedom Group, Smith & Wesson, and Sturm, Ruger when compared to every quarter before Newtown (as of July 31, 2013)

“It’s inherently a dangerous product… it’s going to have a devastating effect on anything in its path” – George Kollitides, CEO, Freedom Group Continue reading

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The Truth About Trayvon and George – A Personal Story


When I was 17 I went to stay at my uncle’s house. He lived in a mostly black neighborhood but people were friendly enough and I felt pretty at ease there as a white teenager. One night I went to the shop to get a drink and on my way back this black dude started following me. I looked over at him, he was creeping me out and then I just had this gut instinct and decided to run.

I thought I’d managed to lose him, but this guy suddenly reappeared. I realized I’d have to stand my ground (as my Dad had taught me) and so I punched him in the face (always get that first punch in). That stunned him but this black guy came back at me and a full-on fight started.

After grappling on the wet ground (it was raining) I managed Continue reading

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Betraying the Founding Fathers: How Scalia and the NRA Hacked the 2nd Amendment


The Second Amendment does not give Americans the right to keep a gun for personal self-defense or recreational use. Most people think it does, it’s often repeated by the gun lobby and of course Scalia & co. came to that conclusion, but that doesn’t make it true. Here is why:

The framing, Congress debate and drafting of the Second Amendment had the purpose of avoiding the tyranny of a standing army and ensuring states could maintain their own militias as a check against a national government. It is a military amendment and that is why debate at the First Congress focused on conscientious objector language and whether that could be used by a government to undermine the amendment.

The Second Amendment in fact only came about because Continue reading

TAKE ACTION – How YOU Can Push For The ” Big Ten” Gun Safety Measures



The only way our laws will change is if people like YOU put pressure on our politicians in the U.S. Congress and State Senates.

Follow these simple steps:

Step 1) Find out who your US Senators and Representative are at http://www.opencongress.org/people/zipcodelookup

Step 2) Find out who your State Senator is from the State Senate website in your state.

Step 3) If possible, coordinate with your neighbors and friends in the area and all make contact on the same day or in the same week.

Step 4) Call, email and/or write to each of your representatives and ask which of the “Big Ten” gun safety measures they support:

  1. Do you support universal background checks, including in private sales? If not, why not?
  2. Do you support an assault weapons ban? If not, why not?
  3. Do you support mandatory child safety locks on all guns? If not, why not?
  4. Do you support mandatory safe gun storage laws, particularly if a household contains a minor or person adjudicated mentally ill? If not, why not?
  5. Do you support repealing the 2005 Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, which prevents victims from holding the gun industry to account? If not, why not?
  6. Do you support limiting magazine sizes to ensure law enforcement are not outgunned? If not, why not?
  7. Do you support mandatory duty of states to report persons with mental health issues to the Federal background check system? If not, why not?
  8. Do you support mandatory liability insurance for all gun owners? If not, why not?
  9. Do you support mandatory reporting by gun owners of lost or stolen guns? If not, why not?
  10. Do you support Smart Gun technology to ensure only approved adults can fire a weapon, as soon as the technology is state-of-the-art? If not, why not?

Step 5) Note down the answers you receive, share them with people in your area and, if possible, publish them to the web. Use #gunsense if posting to Twitter.

Step 6) Attend in-person meetings with your representatives and demand that they support these commonsense gun safety measures.

Thanks for reading and keep working for commonsense gun laws in America.

Every single minute you commit to this fight will prevent more Americans from experiencing that terrifying minute when gun violence erupts.


Follow US Gun Violence and spread the message that “Strong Gun Laws Save Lives”.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/usgunviolence6

Facebook: www.facebook.com/usgunviolence

Killed – Brent Walls (Indianapolis, IN)

Brent Walls

Updated: Aug 09, 2013 5:20 PM EDT

Indianapolis Metro Police shot and killed a carjacking suspect in an alley near the 2700 block of Barth and Manker, south of Garfield Park early Friday morning.

The man was identified as Brent Walls, 21, of Indianapolis. His family has been notified.

Police say at approximately 1:30 a.m. a woman was unloading groceries in her driveway in the 2500 block of Shelby when a man approached and tried to rob her and take her car.

She resisted, and he fired a shot through her car window before running away.

“He was smaller than me,” said victim Cassidy Frye.

Police set up a perimeter and a K-9 located the suspected carjacker hiding under a trash pile around 2:30 a.m.

The suspect was ordered to surrender but did not comply. After the K-9 unit was sent in and attempting to make apprehension, the suspect pointed a gun at an officer.

The officer shot and killed the suspect. Police called the 21-year-old desperate and dangerous.

“That’s why we had to make sure we found him tonight and, unfortunately, he made a bad decision and it cost him his life,” said IMPD Lt. Chris Bailey.

Department of Correction records show Walls spent more than two of the past four years in jail or prison. In June, his father, Charles Walls, was shot to death. His murder remains unsolved.

An acquaintance emailed me Monday night, after police announced that former Manual High School student Brent Walls had likely shot and killed his father, Charles, a few weeks before he too was shot and killed.

Lastly, Charles Walls Sr., 58, was killed inside the Pleasant Springs apartment complex around 11:45 p.m..

“They don’t have any leads. They said they have a person that fled, but no description,” said Charles Walls Jr.

The family of Charles Walls Sr. visited the neighborhood where their loved one was found Tuesday. Charles Walls Sr. was found off the 1000 block of Henslow Lane.












Killed – Ruben Lee Zavala (San Jacinto, CA)


A man was murdered early Monday morning in San Jacinto, the sheriff’s department is reporting.

The incident happened around 1:04 a.m. in the 300 block of West First Street, near Ramona Blvd. and State Street, according to Riverside County Sheriff’s Sergeant Jeff Buompensiero.

A man, identified as 34-year-old Ruben Lee Zavala of San Jacinto, was found shot to death in the area after police got an assault with a deadly weapon report, according to the sergeant.

Three men have been charged with murder in a series of homicides this summer that authorities said were committed for the benefit of criminal street gangs.

Raymond Alex Barrera, 23, Tawpash Paillia Durnin, 20, and Robert Anthony Hernandez, 18, are due in court at Southwest Justice Center in French Valley on Tuesday, Dec. 17, for hearings.

At least two of the fatal shootings took place in San Jacinto. Barrera was identified as a member of a San Jacinto gang in a complaint filed by the Riverside County district attorney’s office.

Barrera and Durnin have been charged with murder in the June 27 slaying of a man in his 40s who was found at Hewitt and East Fifth streets, and the attempted murder of a second man that day.

Durnin has been charged with murder, with an enhancement of lying in wait, in the June 30 killing of a man.

Barrera, Durnin and Hernandez have been charged with murder in the July 8 slaying of Ruben Lee Zavala, 34, in the 300 block of West First Street. Zavala had been shot several times. Hernandez was 17 at the time, according to court documents.

Barrera has been charged with attempting to murder a man, shooting into an inhabited house or vehicle, and attempted extortion in an Aug. 26 incident.