Killed – Kierra Mae Jones (Rochester, NY)

Kierra Mae Jones

A young woman shot and killed just weeks before her high school graduation. Now neighbors are wondering what police are doing to keep their neighborhood safe.

Twenty-year-old Keirra Jones was killed in a drive-by shooting on York Street Tuesday night. Also hurt were, 21-year-old Vernell Rose and 23-year-old Prescilla Pollock. Those two are still in Strong Hospital, but police say they do expect them to survive.

The shooting happened on York Street just before 10:00 p.m.

When police arrived on scene, they found two victims, 20-year-old Kierra Jones and 21-year-old Vernell Rose. Both Jones and Rose were rushed to Strong Hospital Memorial. Jones was pronounced dead at the hospital.

A third victim, 24-year-old Prescilla Pollock left the scene prior police arrived. She was transported to Strong Memorial Hospital in a private vehicle.

Both Pollock and Rose are in stable condition at Strong Memorial Hospital.


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